10 Most Popular Christmas Flowers Gifts Ideas

10 Most Popular Christmas Flowers Gifts Ideas

10 Most Popular Christmas Flowers Gifts Ideas

As December is already here, can Christmas be far behind? We all wait eagerly for this month and this occasion for the whole year. Christmas is a happy occasion where we all exchange gifts. There are certain gifts that are famous for this occasion of Christmas as gifts. Flower is one of them. Here are 10 most popular Christmas flower gifts ideas.

1) Alstroemeria-


Alstroemeria is one of the most famous Christmas flowers. This has a perfect floral scent and color. This flower is an amazing decorative idea to décor your wall or table on this occasion for guests. Alstroemeria is a very good choice of partner flower as well. In a silver color oval shape vase, it looks amazing with pine and Lisianthus. Winter is a season of rare flowers. In such a season, this flower perfectly reflects the essence of the beauty of the occasion.

2) White Amaryllis-

Winter is a whiter season than all other seasons. As it is snowy, it is whiter than green. If you want to keep your Christmas celebration less greenery, this flower is the ideal one. When you make a decoration of white amaryllis, it feels like there has been a snow shower in the room. White amaryllis is a bell shaped flower which is symbolic to Christmas bells. This is a late winter flower. So you can get this flower all the Christmas season to decorate your coffee table in the living room. This specific flower resembles the golden Christmases of Yore.

3) White Poinsettia-

Flower Poinsettia White

Poinsettia is actually not a flower, but a bushy leafy flower. This is a very colorful flower that makes amazing flowers bouquet. White poinsettia is such a floral objet that imitates the flower very well. Among all the colors, the red and white combination is the best for Christmas celebration. You can compliment this flower bouquet with pine branches with frosty tips and cones. This con fine decoration of flowers will give your occasion the perfect wintry feel.

4) Red Lilies and Gerberas. –

The Christmas is an occasion of festivity and togetherness. How about combining the flowers for gifts as well? Whenever you think of blending flowers, red lilies and gerberas are the first choices. Lilies are popular for their beautiful outlook while gerberas are country flowers. Gerbera is a very beautiful flower that makes any person happy on the receiving end. With red lilies and white gerberas, little greenery and yellow flowers look bright. Chrysanthemum is one of the best partner flowers of this kind of combination.

5) White and Red Chrysanthemums. –

Chrysanthemums are serene flowers that can increase the essence of Christmas flowers. They are wide spread uniform petal flowers available in varieties of colors. There are shades of red and pink. And then there is white. Christmas and Santa Clause both deck up in red and white. This particular color bouquet is perfect for this occasion. There might be someone close who is not here for Christmas. White and red chrysanthemums will be the perfect floral bouquet gift for him or her. You can get such best quality amazing christmas flowers online in reasonable price.

6) Red Carnations and Candy Canes. –

Whenever you think about candy canes; the first thing that comes to our mind is that it is sweet. But, this particular arrangement will focus on the better use of such sweetness. When you keep this flower arrangement in the vase, make it creative with white red candy strips. Inside that vase, red carnations will look perfect. As red is the color of Christmas, it can be a very gorgeous Christmas gift as well. To attract the guest’s attention, you can top the floral arrangement with frosty pine cones. The candy stripe cane flower vase will make it look more elegant to the people.

7) Mistletoe-

Mistletoe is the loveliest flavor of Christmas. You might be planning to spend some cozy moment with your beloved. Stealing a kiss under the mistletoe is the best place. This red and green ball shaped flower has inspired many Christmas songs as well. People call it the smooching plant as well and hang it on the door ways. This is Christmas’s most romantic greenery gift for your love.

8) Holly-

If you ask what is Santa’s favorite prop for Christmas; the answer would be no doubt the Holly. Decorating the whole room with hanging holly is a very recent fashion. Holly is a shrub with red cherry type fruits with them. This prickly leaves are very useful to ward off bad spirits if you hang them on the window pane. It has a biblical reference. The red cheery fruit resemble the Jesus blood. And the pricky leaves are symbolic to the thorn crown on his head.

9) Christmas Cactus. –

Christmas is no doubt winter, but in tropical places, there is Christmas as well. But that Christmas is warmer one. So, this cactus plant is perfect for such celebration in lesser cold places. Australians and Americans have specific tradition of decorating plants with jewelry.

10) Christmas Ivy-.

Christmas ivy is a flower dedicated to Bacchus, the Roman God of Wine. This flower symbolizes fertility and eternal life. As this plant grows straight upward, the belief is symbolic to Christ’s resurrection. Keeping Christmas ivy on the windowsill attracts people to your home decoration.

Christmas and gifts go hand in hand and find more guest post in 10minuteideas. From 8 to 80, we all love to celebrate Christmas with lending ad receiving gifts. Above are the best ideas of arranging flower gifts ideas for Christmas.  

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