4 Quick Ways to Enhance your Air Cooler Efficiency this Summer

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4 Quick Ways to Enhance your Air Cooler Efficiency this Summer

Summers could be rough and harsh in many parts of India where temperatures can easily cross 45 degrees and beyond. Many people living in the dry and hot climate use an air cooler to battle the scorching summer heat.

Air coolers are both, cost-effective than air conditioners and also provide a lot of comfort without escalating your electricity bills.

But, how can you increase the efficiency of your air coolers? You can go through this write-up to know about some tips to do that effortlessly. Read on!

Easy ways to increase your air cooler’s efficiency

Ensure proper ventilation in the room

The first things that can help you enhance the performance of your air coolers this summer is ensuring proper ventilation in the room. The common misconception is that even air coolers work great if they are closed in closed spaces like an AC. It is not true! Air coolers work on the rule of evaporation by gusting hot air via cooling pads soaked with water – making the air cool.

As a result, a smooth airflow is a must for its cooling. You can keep your air cooler in front of a window for the best results. You should also ensure proper ventilation to cut off the humidity. Do not open the window too wide as that will increase the room’s temperature.

Air Cooler Efficiency

Add ice cubes to the water

Another way to get AC like cooling via your air cooler is by adding ice cubes to the water. Many people have tried this trick and have got successful results. Adding ice cubes soaks the pads of the air cooler making it even cooler to pass colder air. Adding too much ice will bring down the evaporation process also.

Thus, you should do that occasionally to get some instant cooling. When you feel that it is very hot on a particular day, then you can add ice cubes to the water. Most of the air coolers these days come with dedicated ice chambers to help you place ice cubes easily.

Maintain your air cooler on a frequent basis

All home appliances need some routine maintenance to keep them working at their optimal level of efficiency. And even the air cooler is no exception. As you continue using an air cooler, its cooling pads keep collecting dust regularly. It hampers the cooling capacity of the air cooler by some percentage daily. Therefore, all air cooler users should clean the cooling pads by removing it and then replacing it. You can also call a qualified expert to get your air cooler serviced from time to time. It will lead to better cooling efficiency of the air cooler without issues.

Soak the cooling pads before using the machine

You can also increase the efficiency of your air cooler by turning the pump on while filling the water tank. The pump will run the water via the cooling pads. It will lead to allowing of the cooling pads to soak the water beforehand. Once the water tank is full, then you can start the fan. Doing this will help the air cooler to cool the air, the moment you turn on the fan.

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