4 Top Entrepreneurial startups in Pakistan:

4 Top Entrepreneurial startups

Pakistan is a big developing country and so it needs betterment in terms of business mindsets and cross-cultural abilities. These advancements need a bunch of ideas and creativity, what more to ask from an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are flexible in thinking so they can go for various options at once with versatility in their vision and mind. It’s not only about gaining wealth but also assembling it on a platform.

Entrepreneurs in Pakistan are highly skilled and very much confident with each of their move. Their aspiring attitude towards their ventures have made them bag success and they hope to make it even big someday to become a giant name in the business world such as Aqeel Karim Dhedhi. They hope to make a prominent figure like how Mr. Dhedhi is in the Pakistan Stock exchange.

Ramp up:

Ramp up is an entrepreneurial startup for the welfare of disabled people. It is an app basically which provides a social platform to guide up a ramp for people struggling with ways while going to a fancy play. This app allows a map for people with wheelchairs so they can find their way to proceed. It has always been a failure for such disabled people who might think of living to the fullest but they really can’t due to the uncertainty of them to walk. This could be such an exciting and sociocultural inviting platform for a startup.


E-Therapy serves an incredible idea for an entrepreneurial startup, it is an app where mentally disturbed people can get guidance for low cost from a professional advisor. It cost low on their holdings but can provide you a huge difference. This app was initially created to serve humanity and so is doing well. Skilled psychiatrists and physicians are lined up on this app where you can choose your best guide also. This app is for those who don’t say it loud but suffer in silence.


Sheops is a platform created for women in Pakistan, who want to live with their ideas. This is a buying and selling platform where initially over 30,000 women invested their idea and shared their experience. It was created for women to showcase their entrepreneurial skills and cross-cultural ability. The startup was a success and is still running successfully.

Investors lounge:

Investors lounge is an app which was initiated for the cause of investors to deal with their investment regarding information and financial holding details, so that young or immature investors can look up for the financial market, funding, and shares. It’s a bright view of the interested investors seeking the opportunity.


These four entrepreneurial startups have not only influenced the lives of hundreds and thousands but they also succeeded in changing the way how masses think about certain things. After all the key to any great startup is to analyze the problems and issues faced by masses which can be tackled. Once you dissect that, your idea can surely change the lives of millions which you can be proud of.

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