4 Types of BABY PUSHCHAIRS You Need to Check Out Now

4 Types of BABY PUSHCHAIRS You Need to Check Out Now

New parents can only find the perfect pushchair for their baby not by browsing through pictures online but by knowing exactly what would fit their requirements best. It’s all about your lifestyle: where you live and how a pushchair can fit around it.

The common features of pushchairs are they can: accommodate both newborns and older infants, change positions, be folded up, be found in both forward and rear-facing designs and often come as a travel system.

Combi/Three-in-one pushchairs 

Pushchairs are suitable for newborns and toddlers of up to four years. Shifting between home, pushchair and car can be made hassle-free with a ‘Three-in-One’ system. They usually have a seat that can face either towards or away from you, along with helpful features such as swivel wheels or enclosed carrycots. When not in use, these pushchairs can fit into a small boot space and are light to lift and move. When a parent decides to buy baby pushchairs, they are certainly considering its utility i.e. providing them a chance to customize a combination suitable for their baby and them in terms of more options and adjustability.

All-terrain pushchairs/ Three-wheelers

All-terrain pushchairs are ideally suited to the outdoors such as the countryside or parks, as they are easy to steer, having the qualities of being very lightweight and small in the front. They usually consist of three thickset wheels and good all-round suspension for a smooth ride across uneven grounds. A well-padded seat and a manual brake are useful features as well. They are, however, quite large and so require much storage space at home and also a capacious car boot.

Travel Systems

When you think of stuff to buy for your little one you think of cots, strollers in baby stores and kids clothes online. Travel accessories aren’t a priority for most, but they should be.Travel systems with child car seats are aimed at people who use their car frequently. They consist of an Infant carrier car seat and carrycot that can be clicked out of the secure car base and transferred to the pram. This is convenient for a parent as it enables them to transport their baby when and wherever, without disturbing them too much. Travel systems are great for adaptability because they come with several options and ensure everything needed to prevent buying extra individual parts.

Twin or Tandem Pushchairs

These are ideal for babies and small children close in weight and age. If you have a baby and older sibling or are expecting twins, you will need a pram that can cater for multiple children and assist in getting your whole family out and about. With a twin pushchair, you can sit each child side by side, or in a tandem with one on top and one underneath/one behind the other. There are many models available with different seat positioning options where you can have one flat seat for your young baby, and a forward-facing, upright seat for your older child. If you are buying a transport system for twins, make sure both seats are suitable from birth and if you are buying for a baby and toddler, look for seats that can be reclined independently of each other.

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