5 Best Social Media Practices For Startups To Follow

5 Best Social Media Practices For Startups To Follow

5 Best Social Media Practices For Startups To Follow Do you run a small business and use social networks to promote your brand and engage audiences? Then you must know about these essential social media practices for startups. Social channels are a vital part of the digital marketing strategy for all organizations. These platforms allow marketers to connect with relevant audiences and create a favorable perception of their brands. Let’s say you run an agency which helps to convert PSD to WordPress theme.

Now you can get active on networks and explore WordPress communities to connect with people looking for migration services. However, you are not the only one using the channels to promote your enterprise. The competition is doing the same and to keep ahead of them, you need to follow some best practices. Following are some valuable suggestions which will boost your brand-building efforts on social networks:

1. Share Your Knowledge Regularly

Social media provides an excellent opportunity to position your brand as an authority in its industry. The key to this is sharing your knowledge with others on a regular basis. Sharing must not be limited to creating interesting and informative posts and publishing them on your feeds. You must join groups and communities related to your domain. See the discussions happening there and participate in them actively.

Regularly airing your views will slowly result in people recognizing your brand as a knowledgeable entity. Take care that you join a conversation only after studying the topic being discussed. Your opinions must be sound and rational and the questions you ask must be pertinent and interesting. This will also help your brand appear in other feeds apart from your own and improve its recognition.

2. Develop A Consistent Presence Across All Platforms

The messaging and tone adopted for promoting a brand needs to be consistent across all channels. Incoherence can put off people and they can cut off their engagement with your organization. Consistency does not mean posting the same material on all platforms. For instance, you cannot post your blog article on Instagram which is a completely visual-based network. However, you can create a relevant graphic representation and upload it on the social channel.

Consistency in tone means responding to all feedback on all platforms without fail. It also refers to using the same call to action terms everywhere. Every network allows you to attach a bio to your profile. Make sure that the content of all the profiles describes your business in a similar manner. This will eliminate any confusion or scope for miscommunication between you and the target audience.

3. Connect With Influencers In Your Industry

One of the best social media practices for startups that will generate good returns is connecting with influencers. These individuals who enjoy a large social following because of their expertise in a specific field can help in improving brand recognition. Modern consumers have become more aware and old tactics like celebrity endorsements alone cannot persuade them. They can be expected to trust the judgment of influencers as they are knowledgable about their industry.

Moreover, with their professional reputation at stake, they do not promote something until they are convinced about its quality. Connecting with them will allow you to reach out to an informed audience who will be receptive to your offerings. Identify the top influencers in your domain and tell them about your products or services. Invite them to visit your workplace or production facilities to give them a feel of your work culture. This will help in convincing them and letting you associate with them on social channels.

4. Use Visuals To Highlight Business Achievements

Faster internet combined with smart devices has enabled people to consume content on the go. This allows you to target them from multiple digital platforms. However, at the same time, this exposes audiences to a large quantity of content. Your message can be lost among similar others unless you put it out in an innovative manner. A good way to inform audiences about your business achievements is to use visual elements.

Posting pictures related to an accomplishment will help in catching people’s attention. Do not limit your strategy to images and explore other visual devices like infographics. This tactic can work on all kinds of networks irrespective of their nature.

5. Handle Negative Feedback Carefully And Quickly

It is inevitable that you receive negative feedback on your accounts some times. Move swiftly in handling such comments and be tactful in replying to them. In case, the user is making a genuine complaint, apologize and take the necessary corrective actions. Let’s say a shopper received damaged goods from your online store. Replace it quickly and ask the delivery personnel to apologize to the customer in person. You can also include a small gift as an expression of regret. Take a picture of the client with the replaced product and post it on the platform. This kind of approach will allow you to turn a negative situation into a favorable one.


Social networks provide a great opportunity to new businesses for engaging their audiences in innovative ways. However, entrepreneurs must know about the best social media practices for startups to optimize the impact of their promotional campaigns.

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