Home décor is one hefty task especially when you plan on doing that yourself. You need to have competent knowledge of the color themes and should have ample design ready in your mind. You might want to consider contacting a quality remodeling service in Bellevue WA that can help you consider the important details in the remodeling your homes.

Here are a few insights regarding wooden window shutters that can help you choose them for your house:


One can easily choose wooden window shutters as everyone knows regarding their quality and durability. However, some specific characteristics of window blinds make them exceptional, which are given as follows:

Natural Elegance:

There is no doubt about it. Wooden window shutters give the most natural and elegant look when they are installed. Quality remodeling services in Bellevue WA can help select the variation in the colors easily. The rich color variations of the wood allow the entire room to rejoice from the charm of the board shades.

They are also an attractive alternative to the traditional blinds that give an unnatural look and are not durable or long-lasting. Wooden shutters are made with utmost quality for an exceptional finesse, which is why they are neat, plain as well as match perfectly with the room décor, no matter the design.

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Color Choices:

There are multiple types of wood depending upon the wood used in the preparation of the blinds. It gives you an elevated choice portfolio to choose from. The shutters can also be painted as well as designed in the manner to blend with the interiors of your home.

In addition to the exceptional color choices available, they can easily be painted according to your design as well as color schemes you want to match with your home décor. This gives an effective option in comparison with traditional blinds.

Stronger And Lightweight:

In comparison with the polyvinyl drapes, the wooden blinds are more strong and lightweight as well as offer more durability. They can even have a larger panel size and allows to cover the windows more efficiently than other types of shutters.

In addition to their strengths, they are perfect insulators and protect the house from the heat in summer and wind in the winter. They can be adjusted in the manner to let some amounts of the air to enter the house as required.

Light Control:

Log curtains are efficient in controlling the light. Due to the hardwood texture as well as high wood quality, wooden window blinds can control the light much better. However, you can also choose to adjust the slats to let some light pass through the shutters to avoid a complete blackout.

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One of the many advantages of peg drapes is that they are durable and long lasting. Like wooden floors, timber window shutters are also long lasting as well as offering the same elegant look like during the installation.


Over many people have opted for log window shutters due to its attractive look and elegance offered. However, there are some drawbacks to wooden window covers that can alter your choice:

Protection From Storm:

In comparison with fiberglass or aluminum, wooden window shutters are unable to provide the same protection and strength from adverse storm events. They offer a bit of protection for against minor storms but unable to resist any heavy storm event.

Humidity Attacks:

One of the major drawbacks of having woody shutters is that they are susceptible to humidity. Like all wooden works, humidity is one of the major problems that many users have to deal with.

Humidity causes the wood quality to deteriorate with time and in the end resulting in the formation of molds and fungus that born in the humid area. The humid mixture causes damage to the finishing as well as affect the quality of the wood.


Based on the quality of the wood, the wooden blinds are expensive as compared with ordinary vinyl drapes. The better the wood quality as well as the finish, the better it can resist molds and humidity.


Another con in installing wooden window screens is that they may need repainting if you have painted them according to the requirement of your home décor. Any remodeling service in Bellevue WA or window shutter installers will illuminate the idea regarding how long the paint last in the season.

The paint on the shutters is the same as any surface of your home that has been painted. The paint will deteriorate with time and will need repainting. If the conditions remain suitable, you may avoid repainting for 15 years. In case they are not, repainting may be needed in the first three years as well.


Like other installations, wooden window shades also require hefty maintenance like re-polishing and repainting, which can cost you a fortune. In case you are thinking of hiring a shutter installer, do consider these facts before getting wooden window drapes installed.

Author: Justin Mark is an experienced home remodeling contractor, and has been in this business for more than a decade. He is very enthusiastic about his work and keeps himself updated by the latest home improvement trend.

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