5 Things Companies Should Prioritize While Resuming Office

Resuming Office

The human brain is hardwired to resist change because it interprets shifts as a form of threat. At the beginning of the lockdown, every working individual out there had to prepare themselves mentally and physically for “sheltering at home” and the turbulence that followed. With the outbreak of COVID-19, organizations across India had no other option but to innovate and improvise new methods to sustain the WFH challenges. Although adapting to a new work model seemed difficult at starting, businesses managed to get used to it along the way.

Now, 2021 is here with a whole new set of challenges. As the majority of Indian companies prepare to return to their offices, here are some of the top factors to consider in the post-pandemic time. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the blog.

Technologies To Avoid Human Interactions

Let’s face it, things are never going back to normal again. No matter the number of COVID cases is declining in our country, still, people have a slight fear of getting infected. In such a scenario, it is the responsibility of every company to make sure that their employees feel safe in the workplace. Now, the first step towards this is implementing the right technology.

Say, for instance, employees normally reach out to their HR executives due to several reasons including complaints regarding payroll errors, numerous queries, and much more.

If payroll is considered, companies can use one of the best online payroll software. Such systems will automate the whole payroll process, thereby eliminating payroll mistakes to a bare minimum. On the other hand, HRMS can promote robust communication in the workplace that will aid employees to connect to their HRs anytime, anywhere without meeting them in person.

Employees And Their Mental Health

In order to adapt to a new “normal” and restore efficiency, human resources professionals must pay heed to their employees’ mental health and the trauma they might have undergone over the past year.

The hangover of depression, anxiety, stress, and substance use over the past year would require companies to keep therapists and doctors on stand-by and destigmatize services to better help employees cope.

This may sound “extra” to many employers but if done on time, companies can easily eliminate the risk of employee disengagement and unproductivity right from the beginning.

Flexible Working Hours

As mentioned earlier, things have acutely changed today and the same applies to the nine to five work hours as well. A lot of organizations in India are now offering their employees the option of flexible working hours in the first few weeks of returning to work. Numerous firms have even made flexible working hours a permanent thing. Giving employees an option of remote work on certain days, in order to cope with their children still studying-from home, will also go a long way in cutting down the stress of employees, particularly for dual-income households.

Prepare Employees

Employees should be primed about what to expect such as the new topography of the workplace. In simpler words, companies should send photographs of socially distanced desks, restrooms, and collaborative corridors with new safety precautions beforehand. When employees will know all such details before coming to the office, it will certainly prepare them for the new normal. Besides, it will also assure them that the company is taking adequate precautions for their health and safety.

Corporate Infrastructure Responsibilities

Corporations that need to get at least 30 percent of their employees back to work at the office must also consider infrastructural changes including proper ventilation, good filtration, and humidity. This will make sure that employees feel safeguarded and valued by their management. It would also ensure that employees return to work with lesser resistance.

That’s it.

These are the top five factors every organization should take into consideration while planning to call their employees to the office.

From investing in technologies such as the best online payroll software to considering infrastructural changes, make sure you do not miss out on any of the aforementioned points.

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