5 Trademark Tips for Branding Your Company

A logo is one of the most important parts of a company. Consumers recognize a brand on the basis of the logo of the company. Since a company’s log plays a huge role in making your company different from others, it is necessary that you register it with the competent authority. In India, Trademarks are governed by the Controller General of Patents Design and Trademarks. Once a trademark is awarded, you get the exclusive right to use it. This is done in order to avoid any confusion with other companies. There are several steps involved in the process to obtain a trademark. There are lawyers who specialize in trademark and the best trademark lawyers in India are in great demand. In this article, we will offer some trademark tips on how to brand your company.

Design an original logo

More than your company name, your business is identified by your logo. It is visually distinct and consumers can easily identify it and associate your company with it. Trademarks have different meanings. It can be an image or a symbol that is used to give a distinct identity to your company. There are some very common types of logos, such as your business name alone but the text is used in a unique way. Your logo can also be a combination of graphic or logo design and text. A logo should be used in the same way every time so that your product or service is easily identified and not confused with any other existing logo. As mentioned earlier, the logo could be graphically designed, have a particular type of text, or a combination of the two.

Conduct proper research

Doing proper research is paramount as your logo design should be unique and should not resemble any other company’s logo. It can have negative effect on your company if your logo has any similarity with that of some other company, especially from the same industry. No matter how much effort you put in designing your logo, there is every chance that the design is already in existence. Therefore, it is important that you do a thorough research to avoid such a situation. Research of logo trademarks is slightly different from text-only trademarks. There are much more factors to look into when you research a logo, such as the design and the style of the text. To make the process of research easier for the applicants, the patents department has assigned codes to different types of designs. You can use these codes to filter through based on your design idea. However, there are hundreds of such codes which can make your search a bit cumbersome. You must, therefore seriously consider hiring the best trademark lawyer in India to assist you in your search.

Hire a trademark attorney

You should hire a trademark lawyer to assist you in search and registration process. These attorneys have powerful search tools which are used to search for existing trademarks. They are experts in the registration process and their role cannot be undermined. Some tools they use in their search are even better than those available with and recommended by the Controller General of Patents, Design and trademarks. They also ensure that there are no conflicts. The number of design elements to cover is huge and can sometimes overwhelm you. It is, therefore, advisable that you take the help of a trademark attorney when you file your trademark application, or else you might end up missing some important aspect. It is better to appoint an attorney to avoid your application being rejected or sent for corrections and thus save a lot of trouble at a later stage.

Accurately fill your trademark application.

Filling up the application form correctly is very important. Any mistake or omission may result in your application being rejected. Your attorney should be satisfied that your logo design is unique. You have to provide details of your business and also give information on how you intend to use the logo commercially. Every detail about the logo needs to be mentioned clearly, such as the colors used, the design elements, etc. You also have to specify in which ways the logo will be used- for instance, on a merchandising label, store name, website, etc. A trademark attorney can help you fill the application correctly. After you submit your application the scrutiny takes about six months as there is a long queue of applicants.

Follow through

After you have successfully submitted your trademark application, you can sit back and watch as the application is processed. The examining authority conducts its own research to ensure that your logo satisfies all the conditions as laid down by the authority. Once they are convinced that there is no chance of infringement or confusion with any existing logo of a registered business then your logo will be registered as a trademark. You are now protected against any infringement.

Following the trademark tips discussed above can make the trademark registration process much simple and smooth. Best trademark lawyer in India assist clients on the trademark application process.

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