6 Flawless and Pragmatic Tips for Awe-Inspiring Logo Designs

Is it a hard nut to crack for you to design a logo?-Well, a logo is more than just making something to represent your brand visually. A logo is a company’s 1st impression.

Is it a hard nut to crack for you to design a logo?-Well, a logo is more than just making something to represent your brand visually. A logo is a company’s 1st impression. It impacts the perception of a brand’s users, purchase decisions and attitude towards a product. In fact, a toddler who has difficulty in tying his shoelaces recognize logos easily. This is the power of ‘Logos’. So, now is the right time to take action and create a great logo.

Following are the 7 tips to help you create flawless and pragmatic and awe-inspiring logo designs:

1- Be Clever and Unique

Logo differentiates a brand from competitors. Likewise, an image in the logo should stand out. Imitation is the form of flattery. ‘An Important thing is to create something that you believe should be different from anything already out there’ says David Airey, a professional graphics and website creator.

Imitation could be the form of flattery- and, originality might seem impossible, but it should be your goal, said Deborah Harkins, creative director at crowdsourced design website 99designs,

It’s not a hard nut to crack to create a unique design without imitating. You should design a logo which must be out-of-the-box. Logo designing isn’t just about tempting visitors with industry icons, instead, it’s important to induce creativity in logo designing.

– The Mercedes logo is not a car.
– The Virgin Atlantic logo isn’t an airplane.
– The Apple Logo isn’t a computer.

2- Understand your Brand

A logo is an image and an introduction. A logo must reach to targeted audience. Importantly, when you’re designing a logo, you must keep the audience and their personas in mind. Brainstorm with co-designers for the creation of impressive logo designs.  Stay true to a brand’s personality. Keep yourself updated with the latest design trends. There should be a history attached to the logo. It must be filled with meaning and purpose.

3- Color is Inevitable

Make sure to get colors into consideration when designing a logo. You must ponder over every aspect of the image. Each color has different implications and can bring subtlety to your brand’s message. Be careful and don’t convey the wrong message. Well, here is the breakdown of the colors:

1- Green: Instructional and Growth

2- Purple: Wise and Spiritual

3– Red: Energy and Boldness

4- Yellow: Optimism and Inventive

5- Black: Powerful and Credible

6- Pink: Funny and Flirty

7- Brown: Steady and Historical

4- Make it Flexible and Easy

An impressive logo is a mix of simplicity and grooviness. If you want your logo to look interesting, on the other hand, you never want your targeted audience just to sit and stare, then analyze your logo.

It is important to get a flexible logo designed because it will appear on multiple devices and across different social media channels. Your logo should be easy-to-understand and flexible. It should be looking great on different background, avatar, and prints.

5- Use Online Resources and Tools

The Internet is filled with online resources and tools to help you come up with nice and quirky logo ideas. Make use of these available resources and tools and ease up logo designing process. It’s easy now to familiarize yourself with logo designing. Online certifications are handy ways to equip yourself with methods and techniques to design attention-grabbing logos.

6- Use your Name in the Brand

A logo should comprise two elements: a- Wordmark and b- Symbol. When a company thinks solely about getting itself recognized with a symbol; then, it demands a great deal of advertising.

Well, it depends totally upon the name of your business. If your company has a unique name, then logotype will be a better option. On the other hand, if your company’s name is generic, then you need something to get instant identification, in this case, you should use logo mark.

On the other hand, while you’re considering typefaces for text, keep in mind to refrain from gimmicky fonts and negative spacing. In fact, some logos even become recognizable due to custom fonts. Logo designing is not a piece of cake; especially if belongs to a business. That’s why; you should be cognizant with logo designing methodology or get support of logo design company London to ease up difficulties of logo-making.


Keep in mind these tips when you’re designing logos. A brand should be unique. You must be fully aware of your brand and its mission before designing a logo. Your design should be colorful. Use online resources and tools to get trending logo design ideas and give special heed to your brand name. Rest assured, You will create catchy logo designs that your targeted audience would appreciate; only if you’re fully familiar with the process to create user-friendly logo designs.

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