6 places to get biryani in Amritsar

biryani Amritsar is widely popular for its great Punjabi food which ranges from grills, roasted to gravies; Amritsar’s food has seamless absolution for food lovers everywhere. Remarkably, what exactly includes to this cheerfulness is delicious in abundance of non-vegetarian food, which truly makes the town essence of mouthwatering cuisines.



Thus, if you are very much foodie and though wish to visit on a vacation excursion simply to pamper in something very lip-smacking and just soul-satisfying, then Amritsar is your another retreat place. The town has lots of things to serve finger-licking biryani that you only can’t skip at all. India Food 

Bubby Fish & Chicken Corner

If you have been a desire for zesty and exotic delicacies, then you just can’t miss a chance on this eatery, which is so far next popular food combined offering some juicy fish and chicken delights. From dry calorific grills to soft lenient gravies, Bubby Fish and chicken corner are well-known amongst foodies for its dry meat fry and salacious grills. You can easily order food online from this place using Swiggy New User Offer with great deals.

Beera Chicken Corner    

This remarkable place is a foodie’s heaven. Just ensure you visit Beera Chicken on an unfilled stomach, thus you can obtain a complete influence of their layering shares of rich, tangy Tandoori chicken. Most of the residents and tourists will show that this is the top Tandoori chicken in India – you should have luscious biriyani here. If Tandoori’s not the savor you’re afterward, buy a bowl of their wonderful butter chicken, balancing with a pair calorific portions of naan.

Chicken Tikka Tandoori, Beera Chicken Corner

Presented on the famous television series Highway on My Plate, Beera’s is not only elegant but the food is great! The seating arrangement is limited, thus if you make a plan to relish it in your car, your crowds will be the most thankful to offer you. The Chicken Tikka is amazingly flavored and matches with a keema naan. Although, a hot gravy supplement is served for free and you can every time enjoy it.

Chhinda Mutton Chammp

This magnificent airy dhaba is one of the top places in Amritsar. Their favorite dish Mutton Chammp is great delectable and a hit amongst foodies. In actual fact, if you love to enjoy this dish you just have to wait, but the food is absolutely worth to have.

Mutton Chaap, Adarsh Meat Shop

This place is good for spicy chicken biriyani, however, if you reach C-Block Market Complex nearby Rose Garden, the residents will get to know what you’re exactly seeking out. Your irritation will be more when you will stand in a queue to place an order. But it is quite worth the wait. Shallow fried and slow prepared; the loving juicy meat comes right off the spine with a zesty and tart taste. You must have the mutton tikka, biriyani, and cheap.

Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner    

Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner is a spectacular setting up that offer enthusiastically yummiest chicken and fish dishes. It’s very famous and has many trustworthy consumers. Must have their popular fish dishes and their chicken menu is really delicious; the butter chicken and chicken tikka are mainly scrumptious. Next wonderful focus is the mutton tikka, particularly when combined with naan. This is an amazing place where you get biriyani at very affordable prices.

Paya at Pal Da Dhaba

Undoubtedly this place cannot be missed out, but this is a place where you can have all delicious biriyani. Situated adjacent to the Hathi Gate, the Dhaba is operated by its owner who is also the strong cook in the kitchen. A very easy soup flavored with garam masala, chili and lentil leaves and magnificently bestowed with bits of hooves, the meal is a perfect combination with kheema paratha.

Prakash Meat    

Without a doubt, Prakash Meat is a paradise for Mutton food lovers. Must try the Dry Mutton to Mutton Tikka, their non-vegetarian cuisines are just tempting. It is extremely popular that you might have to wait always, but make sure, the mutton specialisms are worth the hold your fire. Additionally you can buy food online from this restaurant using Mobikwik Promo Code with great deals.

Now visit these eating places in Amritsar to have a taste of spicy and flavorful biryani.

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