6 Tips for Renting a Car on Vacation

We understand organizing a vacation can be exciting and stressful, from getting everything just right and executing your plans flawlessly. 

When traveling abroad, you want to be mobile, and having your own transport is often highly convenient. 

Renting a car is the perfect solution, but there are a few things you need to consider first. 

Look Beyond the Airport

It’s convenient to get off a flight and drive off in your rented car, but airport rental agencies aren’t always the best bet. 

Many people get off an airplane and contact these agencies, which means there’s probably a long waiting list, and prices will be high. If you can, try calling around and weighing your options in the town for better car rental deals, or book one in advance to have it ready and waiting. 

Use Your Credit Card

Using a credit card means you’ll luck out on not paying hefty authorization amounts. A sizable hold will be assessed when you use a debit card, as companies check credit scores. You’ll be left with extra cash in your pocket. 

Limit the Number of Drivers 

When listing the drivers, consider that any additional people will be charged a daily fee. This fee applies whether they drive the car or not during the rental period. 

These companies also charge overpriced fees for individuals younger than 25 as they’re seen as high-risk, so reassess if you want to list your kids or anyone in that age bracket. 

Car Insurance Is Essential

Car rental agencies provide customers with insurance, but this is generally costly, and you should only consider it when you have no other options. 

If you have full coverage, it may include rentals. These cars are seen as replacements for your primary vehicle and should be protected as such. You can click here for sales advice.

Alternatively, you can check with your credit card provider, as they might offer options for rental insurance. 

Save on Extras

Renting a car could be expensive on its own, and rental companies are always eager to furnish customers with the latest gadgets and extras. 

Instead, use your phone’s GPS or tune into the local radio stations. Also, renting an electronic toll pass is okay if you want to save time on the road, but it won’t save you money. The company charges you a daily fee, whether you’re using it or not. 

Fill up the Tank 

After you’ve had your fun and it’s time to return the vehicle, now would be the time to refill the tank. Yes, you could leave it and let the rental company do it for you, but only if you’re willing to pay 3 or 4 times more than if you had done it yourself. 

Suppose you have the time, spare ten minutes to stop at a gas station and fill the tank up. This action not only shows that you’re considerate but will also save you a few dollars. 

Take Away

Having a rental car makes so much sense when you’re on vacation. Be sure to look outside the airport and use a credit card for payment. You can save more cash by limiting drivers and opting out of extras. Don’t forget the all-important car insurance and to fill up the tank before returning it.   

Renting a car can be intimidating, but with the above pointers, you can be more comfortable. 

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