8 Fascinating ways to win her heart on first meeting

8 Fascinating ways to win her heart on first meeting

First meeting plays a very big role in building our relationship with someone. Because if we know, we know from the very first time we meet. So first meets have to be special and you have to go an extra mile to make the girl feel comfortable and special. You have done things that would leave imprints on her heart and so she wouldn’t let you go. Eventually, the saying “Love at first sight” becomes true. We cannot guarantee that she will fall for you on the first go as everyone has a different definition of romance, but we can assure these ways will surely help you impress and win her heart.

   1.Arrange the time you are going you spend

Arrange the time you are going you spend
It is very important to value the time, so plan everything in advance that how would you spend your time like going for lunch or dinner, going to a movie, sitting in the park, going for coffee and so on. You can plan some kickass plans which no one would have done in their first meeting and impress her. Just one her you need to know here is don’t go too hard on yourself, be yourself and make sure she is having a good time.

   2.Impress with your Dressing Sense

Impress with your Dressing Sense
The dressing is one of the most important things for today’s generation. We ourselves judge people by their clothes and how they carry themselves. So don’t go wrong with your attire. Dress according to whether it is a casual meeting or a fancy meeting as you will get all suited up for going to a park will be a disaster. First meetings leave a lasting impression in person’s head so dress your best.

 3. Pick her up from her place

Girls always look for a caring person, so even at your first meet pick her up from her house and give her an excuse that you will get more time to be with so you thought to drive to her place. Also, give the reason that you don’t like your girl coming all the way around to meet him. Make the most of this extra time and introduce her to your taste in music and fortunately, if your music taste matches to her you have a long way to go.

4. Bring some Romantic Flowers

Bring some Romantic Flowers
Flowers are one of the most romantic things and as it is the first meeting gifting anything else would be like rushing too fast into the relationship. So treat her with fresh blooms, if you have any common friends try to know her favorite flowers and surprise her with her favorite blooms. A bouquet of roses or tulips will definitely bring a smile on her face. Send Romantic flowers the next day you guys met and surprise her.

 5. Surprise her with yummy chocolates

Surprise her with yummy chocolates
Chocolates are also a very good option so if you couldn’t decide the flowers go for chocolates. Believe me, you can never go wrong with chocolates. We know all the girls admire chocolates and through treating them with chocolates you can leave a nice first impression on her. If you want to make a really strong impact go with a bunch of flowers along with the box of chocolates and treat her with it saying some sweet words. You can order chocolates online and treat her with unique and exotic chocolates.

    6. Pay full attention to her

Pay full attention to her
A key to strong connection with the girl is listening to her carefully as she will cross check you at times whether you are listening to her or not. So, show interest in her talks and give her your opinions if she asks for it. Notice on minutest details of what is the ordering or what is she saying and the next time you meet you use all this and impress her. Make her feel like a queen and give her undeterred attention.

     7. Make her laugh

Make her laugh
It is a misconception that girls are wooed by money and intelligence, those are important but most important of all is humor. Try cracking jokes in the middle of your conversations and introduce her to the humorist inside you. But make sure your jokes don’t take the wrong turn and make you impolite. In short be careful with the choice of your words or you will be trapped in your own words. At the end of the date, she should know you have the capability of making her smile in darkest situations.

.      Drop her home safely

Drop her home safely
Show the real man you are and that you don’t let girls leave alone at night out of care and concern. Tell her you to know she can do it herself but you are extra cautious when it comes you your close ones. Drop her in the most courteous manner and ensure you are making the most of the time while dropping her home. Or you can also ask her to leave a text or call when she reaches home.
Make your first move as your best move and leave no stone unturned to impress the girl. Your efforts would land you up into a series of future dates with her. 


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