Automatic Rolling Shutter system can be the best solution for your Warehouse protection

rolling shutter

Automatic shutter systems, which offer effective solutions in narrow spaces, are very different in terms of installation and use, although they are similar to normal shutter systems with the advantages they provide. Automatic shutter systems that are not applied on PVC are mounted on the windows. The name of the systems that are assembled with windows comes from this method of installation. Designs that are considered as a single piece with windows are preferred in narrow areas. In Automatic shutter systems, manual and motorized mechanisms can be preferred optionally. In order to use the system more effectively, it is necessary to choose the mechanism carefully. These shutter systems provide more effective security than normal systems thanks to the mounting on the edge of the warehouse entries.

When motorized mechanisms are used in Aluminum rolling shutter systems, the possibility of the system to open from outside is also eliminated. Automatic systems that offer sound insulation and heat insulation offered by roller shutter systems offer highly effective solutions in correct use.

Aluminum Shutters

Shutters, also called rolling shutters, are used to produce solutions for protection or door purposes in areas such as shops, garages, warehouses and factories. The use of aluminum in the production of shutters provides a lot of advantages for spaces. It adds value to the space with its sound insulation, heat insulation and elegance thanks to aluminum. Prevention of noise-induced distraction in the work area and energy saving thanks to thermal insulation are among the reasons for preferring aluminum shutters.

Aluminum shutter applications are systems that easily adapt to the exterior. These systems produce very successful solutions for those who do not want an appearance that is incompatible with the exterior decoration after the shutter is closed. Shutter motors can operate with remote control, as well as with reducers or buttons. System preference varies according to the frequency and shape of use. Remote controlled systems are recommended for spaces that have multiple facades and use shutters in large areas.

Rolling shutter manufacturer Services

As rolling shutter manufacturer provides shutter assembling services for all of the products they sell within their company. Regardless of the size of the assembled product you need, their reason for providing this service is that their company has been serving in its sector for many years. The basis of the company, which develops its service concept by blending experience and knowledge, in different areas such as monoblock shutters, outboard shutters, workplace and garage shutters, aluminum door frames, aluminum system joinery, Rolling shutter systems, lies in its progress in the sector for many years. The company, which also sells these products and installs them to the end consumer, provides services in all interior and exterior joinery solutions.

Providing service by focusing on customer satisfaction, rolling shutter manufacturer establishes its communication with its customers based on loyalty and trust. The company establishes an unbreakable communication with the required technical support services after the high satisfaction it offers.

So, you surely need a sturdy shutter to protect what’s inside your warehouse. The rolling shutters provide the absolute protection.

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