Best Restaurant in Venice – Romantic Restaurant in Venice

Best Restaurant in Venice – Romantic Restaurant in Venice

How exciting. If you’re anything like me, your Venice restaurant list is always growing. You have your all-time favorites, while also trying new spots, so it can be hard to keep up. But keep up we must, because good things are happening.

There are 8 new restaurants/wine bars on the restaurant surveillance radar that are glowing bright above the rest.

Le Fooding, of course, is all over it with its small army of food gnomes. But I think I have ONE new yet-to-open Best restaurant in Venice that the gnomes haven’t announced yet.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we are excited about our special Valentine menu and the special romantic charm that our seafront Italian restaurant has. It is sure to delight all you love birds out there on the 14th of February! But before we get to that, we are asking why it is that restaurants and romance go so well together?


What is it about a candle lit dinner that makes it such a staple of a romantic evening? Why does a meal play such an important part in both courtship and the renewal of romantic bonds? Going out for a meal is more than just a nice way to spend the evening. It is a measure of your level of civilization. An indicator of how well socialized you are. There is a certain formality involved in the occasion. A demand on your behavior. The wait for the meal is often more important than the meal itself as you must demonstrate your grade of civilization. The higher the grade, the more attrattive you are!


The romantic restaurant meal is also, of course, a way to reinforce the bond between a couple. It both recalls and renews the romantic status of the relationship. It is almost like the renewal of a contract. Going out for a romantic dinner is an indicator of a healthy relationship, just like arguing is. It shows that you and your partner still want to be together and get to know each other better.


Whether you are courting or reinforcing your romantic bond we hope that you will consider Venice as the place to do it in. Not only do we offer a special Valentine menu, we are situated by the sea and, as anyone who has enjoyed it will tell you, a candle lit dinner with the sea surging in the background is an incredibly romantic experience. Indeed, many a marriage proposal has been made in our restaurant over the years as it offers such an ideal atmosphere for it. The upstairs seat is particularly sought after for Valentine’s.


If you are looking for a romantic restaurant for your Valentine we sincerely hope to see you at Venice as we celebrate Valentine’s. It’s one of the busiest nights of the year so make sure you book early online or by calling us on +39 041 523 66 51. And if we don’t see you on Valentine’s we hope you enjoy the day (and night!) and maybe come to see us another time.

For more information visit our websites at Bistrot De Venise.

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