Are you planning to buy a new car in 2019? Then this article is for you. Today a car is very important for the family to travel for a long distance. The car acts as a second home for many people. A car is the dream of many middle-class families. Buying a right car in the right price range is always a difficult task. Choosing the perfect vehicle always depends on the budget and your family requirement. Some cars, yes, they have extraordinary features, but it might not fit in the price range of your budget. Some cars may feature in the price range of your budget, but it may not have all the required features as per your expectations. No car in the world is perfect and can satisfy every customer. Some compromise is definitely needed either with the price range or with the features required.

Some of the best cars coming in 2019 are discussed below –

Image – Maruthi Ertiga

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If you love Maruthi cars, then definitely this vehicle is going to be the best car. Maruthi is one of the best car companies in India which offers the highest quality of service with

less service and spare parts cost. Maruthi has already launched the successor of the Ertiga with additional and latest features such as keyless entry, push start and stop button, and many other latest technologies. But this car is excessively released only for Maruthi Arena showroom. Now they are planning a car for NEXA showroom which comes with 6 seater capacity. This car is planned to come with unique and latest features in the mid-price range of 8 lakhs to 12 lakhs.  Some expected features in sports edition are new body design, auto dimming IRVM, new body kit with lip spoiler and newly designed alloy wheels. This is expected to launch around November 2019. This is one of the best upcoming cars of 2019.


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This car is one best car if you are looking for family four-seater cars. It is similar to Maruthi Alto Kl0. This car seems to be the most successful car in recent times. This car is going to come with a major face lift. Expected price would be around 3.5 lakhs and it will be launched in the festival season of 2019. This car is expected to come with all the safety features according to the norms of the Government. This update definitely helps the company in increasing its sales. Some main things to expect are upgraded graphics, upgraded safety features, auto gear shifting and increased power etc.

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This car is expected to launch around mid-2019 and expected price will be around 10 lakh rupees. This KIA SP SUV concept was displayed in the Delhi auto expo. This car is going to be the first one which is released by Kia in India and the derived concept product will launch in next year. This car is exactly designed for Indian driving condition. This car is expected to come with signature KIA designs such as Tiger nose grille, sleek headlamps etc. This car will be coming with the premium feature inside the cabins. Expected with the wide range of safety features, this car will be the main competitor for Hyundai Creta and Nissan Kicks.

Image taken from (Image of Tata 45 X)


This car is going to be the next big launch expected vehicle from the TATA motors. This car manufacturer is one of the best vehicle makers in terms of safety. This model is going to come with all the premium features. It can directly compete with Maruthi Baleno, Hyundai Elite i20, Volkswagen polo, Honda jazz etc. This car is expected to launch in August 2019. TATA 45 X will be based on new advanced modular platform. This hatchback will be coming with a 1.2-liter turbocharged petrol engine and 1.5-liter diesel engine. This car is expected to launch in both automatic as well as the manual variant.  The diesel engine will be generating 108 BHP and 260 nm of torque.

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  Nissan Kicks

Nissan Kicks is going to be one of the interesting SUVs that will be launching in the year 2019. This SUV will definitely be the trend changer in the Indian market. Nissan have been present in the Indian market for a long time but the company could not increase the sales in India. This SUV will be competition for the other SUVs such as Creta, Kia SP. This car will be offering premium safety features and coming with the best design features. This  car can be a game changer for Nissan in the Indian market


This year is going to be a boon for the car buyers. Lots of new cars are going to be released in this year. If you are ready to buy in this year then wait for some time and buy the best car according to your requirements and price range.        

There is also another technology which has made enough impact in the recent years. Artificial Intelligence. Gone were the days, when only James Bond, just with a switch on his watch can make the BMW car come to the location. Now, companies in all industries are switching over to artificial intelligence to make their products better and act as per the requirements of the customer.

Case Study

Let us take a case study for example. In recent times, when you feel that the car requires maintenance, you go for car service. And if you are in cities such as Bangalore, there is no need to go to the car repair shop. You just have to download the app of home doorstep repair service companies and book for the best car mechanic in Bangalore. But in the future, the car will have the necessary intelligence and applications to send an alert to your mobile if it needs maintenance service. This technology is definitely going to come, but in the future.

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