How to Plan a Budgeted Birthday Party for Your Child Without Stress

Birthday Party

How to Plan a Budgeted Birthday Party for Your Child Without Stress

Your child is turning a year older. For every parent its a special occasion. Even your child feels like a dog with two tails. And why not, he/she has waited for all year long to feel this special. It’s the first priority of every parent to retain their kid’s excitement. Remember as a kid birthday was a big deal for us too? (still is, for me).

I planned a party for my fifth grader last week, and I am not into self-praising at all, but that party was a blast. That is why I thought of helping other mothers, too, with some easy party planning tips. Throw a bash worth remembering without burning a hole in your pocket.  You don’t need a fancy venue or rooftop location for a beautiful party.

Trust me; kids don’t even pay attention to the location. They just want to have fun. All they need is cake, balloons, dancing and presents to be happy. While planning, why not focus on the other essential things that are yet to be planned, when you can skip the cake hunting part and order cake online in Delhi just by sitting back at your home in your pyjamas?

Midnight Celebrations Birthday Party

My idea was to start celebrating as soon as the clock would strike twelve because I didn’t want to waste even a single second. He was already asleep, so I went to his room with his favourite truffle cake and woke him up. He was really filled with joy though he was not entirely awake to understand what was going on around and would have cursed me later for disturbing his sleep (come on its sleep were talking about). I know your younger one is supposed to be tucked in bed early but award your kid one day when he/she can skip the rules.

 Birthday Party

Go for a House Party

Since I promised you to be on a budget, for that, house parties are the best option. Either indoors or in the backyard, a house party is always fun. You can create a festive carnival feel in your backyard.  At least that’s what I did. Only if you don’t have enough space at home, then you can look for outdoor options. You can discuss with your child as to what type of party he or she wants. Like if he wants a theme party, it would help you decide the decoration and activity choices for the party. Make sure to do a safety check around and in the house.

Set the Menu

Plan the menu well in advance. Make a proper list of all the supplies you will need at least a week before. You can hire a catering service if the list of food items to wish to present is very long. Keep the menu simple, which is easy to please, and little ones are able to eat it without creating a mess. Simple foods if served in fancy containers can also be a lift up. Be creative and turn a meal into an activity.

If its summer time in your backyard, you can prepare some mocktails. Your menu is also directed by the time of the party. If its lunch time, the menu will include all main course dishes. I’ll suggest you plan an evening party that is neither lunch nor dinner for easy snacks.

Guest list and Invitations of Birthday Party

You must be aware of his/her social circle and friends he hangs out with. If not, start some investigation. I knew most of my son’s friends, so it was easy for me to shortlist a guest list. If you consider your kid grown up enough, he can be included in deciding the list. Prepare cute invitation cards and include all the relevant information on the invitations like date, address, timings, and other important info as parents are concerned for their little ones. You can invite their parents as well. Inviting them along will help in keeping a check on kids and their mess.

Plan Fun Activities for Birthday Party

Kids just want to have fun. That’s it! You know some of them are not even aware of the reason for the party. They are there just to play around. Plan some fun activities to keep them entertained. I planned games suitable for their age like musical chairs, and duck duck goose and some creative games too. Suitable games if you want to keep the party simple and these will get the party in full swing. Offer mini gifts to the winner to boost morale. If your budget allows, hire an entertainer like clowns, magicians, etc. the options are endless.

Return Gifts of Birthday Party

Kids really get excited when they receive a return gift. Get some famous yet inexpensive favours that kids will surely love. Ask your son/daughter what all is trending or what would he like in as return gift. I asked my son, and he suggested me to get some Avengers merchandise, which was a good idea. At the time of the wrap-up, I made my son hand over the party favours as each one was leaving. It is a sign of appreciation that says, “thank you for coming”.

Time to open presents! Don’t you agree that its the most fun part of a boundary?. As a kid, I used to wrap up the party early so that I could skip to this part.  Oh and yes, how can I forget to mention this already? Winni helped me to execute my plan by providing me with midnight cake delivery in Delhi. And remember to keep a check that your child is having fun. After all, the aim of the party was to see that grin from ear to ear on his/her face.

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