What Reason Most People Are Buying Used Cars in Mumbai? – Everyone Should Know

Buying Used Cars in Mumbai

What Reason Most People Are Buying Used Cars in Mumbai? – Everyone Should Know

Mumbai, the most populated city in India, is home to 22.5 million people – most of which belong to the working class and are required to travel across the city on a daily basis. Even though public transportation is available, it can either be expensive like in the case of taxis and auto-rickshaws or it can be suffocating and dangerous like the local trains that accommodate over 5000 people during rush hour. However, in recent years, working professionals have looked to another mode of transportation – something that has been around for quite some time but has been hiding in plain sight – used or pre-owned cars. Second hand cars in Mumbai have become quite the rage, especially for those who have to travel long distances every day and cannot afford to spend time relying on public transport. But what has changed in the minds of the public that has suddenly got them looking to used cars now? We will discuss that further here.

Right off the bat, the first and probably the most important reason behind this increase in used cars is that it is far more affordable than new models. Since the city houses millions of people, there are thousands of pre-owned cars sent to dealerships regularly that are then sold for a fraction of their original price. Mercedes-Benz models that once were priced at upwards of 50 lakhs can be purchased from these second-hand dealerships for anywhere between 15-18 lakhs. The attraction of owning a high-end vehicle has led to many people opting for a top-tier used car rather than buying a new lower brand model.

Another important factor behind the popularity of used cars is that they have a lot to offer in terms of variety. At any given time, a used car dealership could have anywhere from 100 to 1000 cars for sale which ultimately makes your decision a lot easier. Rather than narrowing down your options to a few based on price for new cars, used cars can give you so much more including, brand, type, age, model, condition, and eventually, price. So, if you’re looking for a new car in the range of 10-20 lakhs, you might find a couple from each brand you think you can afford. On the other hand, with an estimate of 10-20 lakhs, you will not only get a range of cars from different manufacturers, but also a laundry list of models, features, types, and more.

When you live in a city like Mumbai, status is everything. You will not find a wealthy businessman driving around the city in something like a Tata Nano nor will you find Bollywood celebrity arriving at the set in a Maruti Suzuki Zen – unless they’re made of platinum and have diamonds embedded into the dashboard. But this status extends beyond the rich and famous and falls on to the regular public as well. Owning a car has become a sort of norm in the city and everyone from regular housewives to trending YouTubers have made it their mission to let other people know that they have money and can afford to travel in the comfort of their own cars. But what most people don’t realize is that these second-hand dealerships have made it surprisingly easy to make their dream car a reality with a rather small investment.

Finally, when it comes to buying a used car from a dealership in Mumbai, you are guaranteed to get proper certification for the registered vehicle. When you buy a second-hand car, the dealership will give you a number of important documents required for the final purchase. Before you can actually take home your newly purchased car, the documents you need to check are the sales receipt, the RC transfer, insurance papers, and others. These legal papers are essential for any purchase and a used car dealership will help you go about the transition seamlessly. Many of the dealerships have websites that offer a used car valuation tool where you can check the resale value of your current car and get the best possible deal for it.

As described, the city of Mumbai is one of the richest in the country and therefore, has one of the biggest collection of used cars anywhere. This large collection helps a number of people get exactly what they want in terms of a personal vehicle. From SUVs to compact hatchbacks and from Jaguar to Mercedes-Benz, Mumbai is filled with regular as well as exotic cars that are on sale at a lower cost than what you would expect anywhere else in the country. Will these tips persuade you to buy a used car in Mumbai or do you think that they don’t offer enough for you to invest in a second-hand car?

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