CANNABIS SATIVA VS INDICA: WHICH IS BETTER FOR CANCER? For centuries, cannabis has been one of the most utilized plants in the field of medicine. Its culture has been going places considering that it has been tested and proven to heal over a hundred conditions. Globally,

there are only 25 states in which cannabis is legal for some are still testing the waters. Considering the potential cannabis upholds,
there are still a lot of states which are trying to seek opportunities by conducting research and clinical trials. These researches will soon serve as the foundation in the field of medicine in treating conditions that are beyond laboratory-formulated medicine.

In accordance to a research conducted by the American Cancer Society, marijuana upholds cannabinoids which have proven medicinal benefits in treating several conditions. Tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol are the chemical components that constitute the idea of researchers to consider it be introduced in the public health. Their objective is for the idea of cannabis as an addictive drug. It is so much more than that.

Researchers are impressed with its properties helping alleviate the side-effects of cancer and gradually ceases the cancer growth.
Conducting research about which works better in treating conditions, it is down to either cannabis sativa or cannabis indica. What are their differences? What are the properties which make them unique? Why should cannabis be considered in the field of medicine? These are the most common questions by public health.

Considering that cannabis is known as a recreational drug, that they became concerned about the side-effects it has. What they want is to guarantee that this will really work for treatments. Fully-funded

intensive research and laboratory tests are what they require most to prove these initial self-medications that were conducted. Our interest in the use of cannabis in the field of medicine is progressing. Not just out of curiosity, but the fact that this plant has potential in answering the current problems of our public health—cancer.


According to research conducted by the National Cancer Institute, cancer has been one of the top conditions affecting people globally. As of today, there are approximately 9.6 million deaths worldwide because of cancer.

And these people come from countries which are financially unstable and are not given enough health benefits. The number of people dying from this condition is progressing considering that it targets to destruct your whole body. Abnormalities in cell growth are what cancer is all about. There are over a hundred types of cancer varying from the organ being destructed. Most of the cases are being diagnosed when it is already at a higher stage making it more difficult to treat.

The symptoms of cancer do not usually show when it is at an early stage. More often, random physical examinations and evaluating current medical conditions is how it gets diagnosed. They detect abnormalities

when conducting laboratory examinations involving your blood, stool, and urine leading to early up to the late stage of cancer. It usually starts with a tumour growing in one of your body parts and identifying its location and size helps in the confirmation of their diagnosis. They perform a biopsy extracting a tissue sample and scrutinizing if there are cancer cells that are present. The earlier it gets detected, the more time they buy in order to further conduct research on your case. Considering that there are a lot of types of cancer, some are really one of a kind.

The treatment that will be prescribed by your doctor varies depending on how fast the cancer cells progress, what part or parts of your body has been affected and what type of cancer has been detected

The doctors specializing in cancer treatment conducts which treatment plan is best recommended for your condition. They may suggest chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, and or other cancer treatments suitable. These treatments are also subject for
evaluation since they have to consider the strength of the treatment if there are other health issues which are present, and your age.


CHANGE IN APPETITE – cancer treatment affects your appetite for food. The sudden change in metabolism makes you less hungry which is not suggested since you will be needing sufficient body strength to keep up with your treatments and medications.

DRY MOUTH – during treatment, your mouth will have troubles producing saliva making it feel dry. The cells in your mouth are being harmed as caused by the treatment too requiring you to stay hydrated.

NAUSEA – in line to the sudden change in appetite, nausea is also one of the most common side-effects of cancer treatment. Vomiting is also normal regardless of the food you eat. Your stomach becomes upset experiencing pain and or constipation or lose bowel movement.

HAIR LOSS – considering that cancer is destructive to your cells, it affects and ceases hair growth. The thinning of hair is very normal for cancer patients for the hair will eventually grow back.

SWELLING – some treatments involve plenty of liquids that build up your body. It will make you look as if you gained weight when in reality, it is just the intake of fluids. To help alleviate the bloated feeling, consider easy exercises and do it as a routine.



Back in the 18th century, two classifications of cannabis strains were introduced; cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. Sativa was the idea of a Swedish botanist, Carl Linnaeus. Linnaeus conducted research about the roots of sativa plants which is in Western Eurasia and Europe believed to be bred for its richness in seeds and fiber. The term Indica, on the other hand, was named by a French biologist, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. Lamarck conducted research about the roots of indica plants which is in India believed to be bred because of its hashish production, fiber, and seeds.

Cannabis sativa is best in starting your day right. It the ideal strains for patients or users who are in need of physical and mental relief not to the point of relaxation but being able to accomplish your daily tasks. What
you have to keep in mind is the side-effects accustomed to it when not moderately used.

It can cause headaches, dizziness, dry mouth, and paranoia. Take into consideration that sativa is rich in THC or tetrahydrocannabinol rather than CBD or cannabidiol making it acquainted to psychoactive effects.

The proportion of its THC and CBD levels make it a recommendation for therapies. This is the preferred strain of that self-esteem is low and having a hard time communicating and socializing. Impressive as it may
seem, but Sativa hybrids are one of the suggested strains in the field of medicine with its exemplary properties that keep you happy and uplifted.



What to expect in taking cannabis indica strains? It will help you sleep peacefully at night. This is one of the best recommendations for patients who are suffering from severe cases of insomnia. The physical relaxation it induces is caused by its natural pain relieving properties which also help in alleviating stress and discomfort.

Not just that, it also works well in treating side-effects of acquired conditions such as loss of appetite and nausea. Your body will experience total relaxation with the potency of indicia. The major qualities of cannabis indica strains do not stop there. It has properties which increase your

dopamine levels. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for controlling the brain’s pleasure centres and is also a big help in regulating the response to emotions, memory, inhibitions, behaviour, attention, and
movements. Increased in dopamine levels does not just alleviate cases of nausea and relieve pain, it targets your pleasure centres like comfort in sleep and increase in sex drive.

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages in taking both. Cannabis indica has high levels of cannabidiol suggested for treating inflammation meanwhile cannabis sativa has high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol suggested for treating mental disorders. Based on the content of THC and CBD both upholds therapeutic properties though cannabis indica is more effective in terms of treating cancer.

Cannabis indicant tetrahydrocannabinol level is very low in comparison to its cannabidiol level. The good thing about it is that it is recommended in alleviating the growth of the tumour causing cancer. A famous researcher, Dr Ralph Mechaoulam discovered the Endocannabinoid System (EC). Endocannabinoid System constitutes molecular receptors whose fundamental function is to accept cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are

classified into four; cannabinol (CBN), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG). These are the cannabinoids found in cannabis. Based on research conducted by Cannabis Planet, the endocannabinoid system has therapeutic potential in terms of an increase in appetite, reproduction, and motion.

They conducted research by observing a brain tumour in a Petri dish. A couple of tests was conducted involving the use of cannabinoids and they have proven that the cells from the brain tumour are ceasing. The

researchers conducted another test in mammals’ brain and breast tumours and it shows the same effects it has on the Petri dish. Concerned about the psychoactive effects cannabis obtains, the good thing is that high cannabidiol-levelled cannabis has minimal to no psychoactive effects. Its potency is known as an anti-cancer agent. It is a big help in killing the cancer cells present. Introducing cannabinoid-based medicines in the market is big progress for public health.

With the use of cannabis indica, the field of medicine can evaluate more on what it can do. Considering the cannabinoid levels it upholds, we would be able to conduct cannabinoid therapies that will decrease the
deaths caused by cancer. This is a major step for the field of medicine considering that they have a lot of issues facing as of today. Being open-minded to options which are beyond what can the laboratory

Regardless if they want to legalize the use of cannabis or not, they can still control the dispense of the medicines if ever. This would be a greatdiscovery and assistance to those who are seeking treatments yet
cannot manage to have one.

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