Consider 4 Features While Buying a Smart TV

You must have heard about the concept of Smart TV, right? Smart TV is something that lets you access the internet right on your television screen. You can access your emails, browse websites, and also indulge in online shopping. Smart TV also enables you to enjoy apps such as Netflix and Amazon to enjoy web shows.

However, not all Smart TVs are smart, and you need to be smart enough to buy a really Smart TV. Don’t worry; this post will help you go through some features considering which you can buy the best of the smart LG TV or smart Haier TV and more.

  • Screen resolution

The screen resolution refers to the sharpness of the picture which is measured in horizontal lines of pixels. You can already see TV sets offering HD to 4K. 4K models have four times the number of pixels compared to HD screens. Opting for 4K televisions means enjoying more detailed picture quality. Several streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Video are also offering 4K content. Hence, while buying a Smart TV, check if its screen resolution is 4K or not.

  • Refresh rate

The higher the refresh rate on your TV, the better will be its picture quality. Having a better refresh rate also means enjoying blur-free picture quality. Hence, while buying any TV or Smart TV, ensure that you are getting a higher refresh rate. The standard refresh rate available in TVs is 60 Hz. Hence, look for a Smart TV with at least 120 Hz.

  • HDMI and external connections

A Smart TV should also let you connect a higher number of external devices such as your camera, camcorder, and USBs. On the other hand, it should also be able to let you connect a set-top box, consoles in the HDMI connections. Therefore, while buying a Smart TV, look for a higher number of HDMI and other connections. It can help you connect speakers, gaming consoles and many more without issues.  

  • Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio defines the level of brightness that a TV set can deliver. Better contrast ratios display enhanced subtle shadows. As a result, they provide better details. Before buying an LG TV, MI TV and more, you should experiment with the brightness of the TV, its sharpness and other picture settings. It is also suggested that while testing the aspect, select the ‘cinema’ or ‘movie’ mode on the TV.

Buy Smart TVs on EMIs and save more

It is good to consider the discussed aspects before buying your brand new Smart TV. It will help you better prepared to opt for the best Smart TV.   

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