Content Marketing Obstacles You May Face Often and How to Overcome Them

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Obstacles You May Face Often and How to Overcome Them

Is this headline insisting you to read the complete article? That means you are a content marketer and you want to get career success in this era. Right?

Importantly, in this article, we are not going to highlight any shortcuts. Your work needs a lot of time, dedication, knowledge, effort, and experience.

You have to understand the importance of analyzing, crafting, planning, distributing, and promoting valuable content. It helps you stay ahead in this competitive world.

During your work, you may face different content marketing obstacles. If you want to reach success, you need to find a path that can help you overcome these challenges.

Why bother?

  • Moreover, 90% of brands utilize valuable content in their marketing strategies.
  • Almost 63% of B2C and 85% of B2B marketers state that they are doing a great job with content creation.
  • Nearly 60% of marketers generate at least one piece of informative content daily.

Many new challenges are popping up in the way of content marketing but if you determined to overcome all of them, it makes your journey more simple than ever.

To simplify your journey, we listed out some challenges that most content marketers are facing and we come up with the solutions.
Let’s get started…

Content Creation

Being a content marketer surely, you have many necessary things to do.

In fact, moreover 53% of marketers state that they are going to spend additional time on content creation. To write informative content that drags the attention of the readers is not an easy task. Actually, it takes time to think and execute.

Solution: How you can create effective content?

  • Identify your priorities
  • Give focus on your important tasks
  • Delegate if you can
  • Avoid doing unnecessary things
  • Understand the importance of content marketing tools
  • Improve your writing speed

Set a budget for your content

Content marketing is booming now people digest lots of relevant information every day. People like an article which can give them knowledge. Neither you nor your service/product they prefer to read informative content that can upgrade them easily.

As a content marketer, you have to spend money to create effective contact. And to hire expert designers is an expansive step.

Solution: How you can manage it?

If you are not able to appoint top designers and you don’t want to lose your content quality, in that case, you can hire freelancers who can deliver you superior work experience in your budget.

Content Ideas

Content marketing is a beneficial concept now. Marketers produce dozens of new articles daily, and you need to write different angles of the same articles. You can check more than 1 billion websites to get an idea for your content. You just need to know about your target audience.

Solution: How you can get various ideas?

  • Keep an eye on current news
  • Read comments to understand insights from readers
  • Highlight inspiring aspects
  • Encourage UGC creation

Identify the relevent content

You can generate dozens of articles but they all should be relevant. Otherwise, it will make no sense. To stay ahead in this crowd you need to engage your audience for a long time.

Solution: How you can create relevant content?

  • know what types of content your readers love to read or share
  • Analyze what types of content can impress
  • Try to hook readers

Understand all forms of content

Content has various types, such as tweets, blog posts, case studies, images, infographics, videos, etc. you have to identify the effective content types for your website.

Solution: How to select better formats?

  • learn from successful marketers
  • Use BuzzSumo like tools to find out what works in your niche
  • Always track statistics

Creating video content

Nowadays, Video marketing is gaining huge popularity:

  • More than, 87% of content marketers use video content
  • Online video has expected to increase Internet traffic
  • Nearly 64% of customers are preferring to purchase a product after watching a video

Solution: How to create video content?

  • Use tools that can help to create videos
  • And make videos from photos

Identifying your target audience

You can create great content. Right! But are your content impressing the target audience? If not then you are doing something erroneous like:

  • wrong time
  • wrong content
  • wrong place

Solution: How you can target your audience?

  • Create the post publishing schedule
  • Optimize content for mobile

Promote your content

        Image Source: Pixabay

Think about the effective ways you can promote the content. And you also understand where your audience is most active.

Solution: How to promote?

  • Analyze which platforms are effective most
  • Run short-term advertisement campaigns

A final thought

Content marketing has a great future ahead. We highlight some important points that can help you overcome all the challenges. And you can stay ahead in this ever-changing marketplace.


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