11 Content Marketing Secrets to Increase Organic Traffic in 2019

11 Content Marketing Secrets to Increase Organic Traffic in 2019

11 Content Marketing Secrets to Increase Organic Traffic in 2019

If you are the owner to a content marketing business, it will be of utmost importance that you look for strategies that will garner more and even more visitors to your website. And when any of the customers search for your company, he/she tries to get through only your company and not just Google itself. 

With that said, given below are 11 effective tips for every one of the content marketers to increase their rate of organic traffic while having to pay not a single cost on anything except your precious time. The following 11 ways can be considered below:

Target your readers and not just search engines

While you are writing a specific content, you must focus primarily upon buyer personas and not just the mere search engines. Not only this, if you create more informative and high-quality content that your readers can relate themselves with, then you are actually making the finest decision ever.

Because the more you stress upon creating a better quality buyer persona(s) for your targeted audience, the more the number of visitors will be. Depending merely on search engines will be a sheer blunder. 

Opt for regular blogs

If you can grow the habit of blogging on a regular basis, then be rest assured that you will be able to garner the maximum number of visitors for your website. The more you blog on the basis of buyer persona-based, informative content, the more your chances will be to reach your aimed audience within a short span of time. 

On the contrary, dire and cheap appearing contents will do just the opposite, you might lose the game all of a sudden. 

Hook up with the blogosphere

If you are still looking for a lucrative platform to reach your targeted audience, then to hook up with the blogosphere can be a second to none decision. It’s sort of like a reciprocal site that lets you read, comment and like the different contents written by people who are pursuing their business into the same arena as you are. 

In reply, those people will also read, comment and like the blog written by you which will increase the chance of boosting up your organic traffic rate up to a reasonable level. 

Go for long-tail keywords

Using the same kinds of keywords time and again will surely make your entire content sound boring at the same time prolific. In such cases, it’s better to use keywords that are related to your area of interest in some way or the other.

 And here Google can be of real help to you. All you need to do is search with the blogs related to your area of interest in there and you will instantly get relevant keywords which you can use appropriately with the rest of your blogs henceforth and thereby reach your targeted audience. 

Always go for meta down

Writing your various guest posts and blogs through meta descriptions and metadata means that you are apprising Google of the fact that what your company is all about. And as a matter of fact, there are tools aplenty like Yoast SEO Plugin for Word Press, Ahrefs which will help optimize your pages, etc. But installing a plugin will not do enough. You have to work on each of those pages in turn. 

Read about

Stress upon top-quality contents

If you grow the habit of writing good quality content consistently, then no one can stop you from increasing organic traffic rates as compared to others. But you must also make sure that you don’t create ample content every day against the expense of quality. 

Because of the contents’ quality gets impinged, then there might be the chance of an abrupt reduction in the number of your regular followers and thereby may become a major hindrance in the way of your effective marketing. 

Topic Clustering is the best 

After the fact that you have framed a fully-fledged catalog of contents, you can now link them to the other blogs on your website and garner more time-consuming visitors just the way the best local seo companies do.

 It’s also known as topic clustering in another term used mostly by Hubspot, a prominent internal link site for you to use. However, over usage of this medium may seem like spam and reduce your number of readers thereby.

Glorify Incoming Links

As a matter of fact, the more internal links you have the more priority you will get from the end of Google. For this to happen, all you need to do is to encourage your fellow business partners, friends, family members, clients and various other fellow bloggers to hook up with your site on a regular basis. 

Create your own link

Unlike linking your content to different sites, you can now also link it by yourself on your own personal blog. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Stumble upon, etc. are great platforms to do the same. If people are coming across your content while spending more time on these social networking sites, it’s a prominent signal for Google to decipher that your content is compelling for your readers to go through. 

Frame a social media platform

If you really want to thrive in the arena of content marketing, then you also need to create a compelling social media platform for yourself like on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you do so it will help you all the way in posting your website address and company’s name on the Internet. 

Keep a regular track on your visits 

By using Google Analytics, you can quite effortlessly keep a regular track on the customers who are visiting your site, the location from where they belong to as well as the keywords/phrases they typed in to get their intended results. If you do so, you can now boost up your organic traffic rate just like the best local seo companies do.

The Verdict! Hence, if you are also an ardent content marketer and want to increase your organic traffic rate reasonably, then refer to the said tips and tricks effectively for the best results to witness. 

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