Everything You Need to Know About Different Types Of Cake Frosting

Different Types Of Cake Frosting

Everything You Need to Know About Different Types Of Cake Frosting 

Desserts mark the beginning of all special occasions, be it birthdays, anniversaries, farewell, or wedding ceremonies. And we all have a sweet corner for cakes! Cake frosting or icing is a normally thick and fluffy coating on the outer side of the cake made with sugar, embellished with butter, egg white, cream cheese, or flavours depending on what type of cake is baked. It has a creamy texture that tastes more like butter. The frosting is somewhat stiffer and pipes well consisting of cream or butter. 

While the icing is a thin and sugary glaze spread that hardens upon cooling. Both of the methods are used for finishing cakes, doughnuts, muffins, or pastries. Here we have come up with a complete guide to let you know the different kinds of cake icing, glazes, and frostings. 


Fondant is preferred by most cake makers while baking cakes In Mumbai as a base frosting for any elaborately decorated cake, such as a wedding cake, as it provides a smooth foundation to build. Rolled Fondant type is used for cake decoration. It is a pliable, dough-like icing made of sugar, water, gelatin, and food-grade glycerine. Its sleekness gives the cake a fine look, and it is flexible and practical enough to mould into different shapes. Poured fondant, on the other hand, remains pourable, forming a glossy finish when dried. It is a good option for cakes as well as cupcakes. 


Buttercream is the most popular cake frosting made with a base of fat and sugar. It is made by creaming layer of butter until it becomes pale with icing sugar, vanilla, and milk. The resulting soft, buttery icing can be spread over a cake and even made into patterns. Perfect for small cakes, it can also be flavoured with color or chocolate. Keep this icing cool as the icing tends to melt easily.​


This is a typical American-style frosting made from egg whites, caster sugar and water. After whipping, it is then spread with a palette knife on the cake to give an edible looking icing that looks impressive when decorated with fresh flowers. Meringue does not withstand humidity, so go for it during winter or fall season. 

Gum Paste 

Gum paste is a supple dough that is a mixture of egg whites, confectioners’ sugar, and shortening, and can be rolled quite thin and moulded. The gum paste dries quite hard, which makes it better for cake decorations rather than covering an entire cake. It is also known as petal paste or flower paste and contains an ingredient called gum tragacanth that causes the paste to dry harder. It is perfect for making very detailed and realistic flowers and such other decorations for cakes. You can make your own gun pasted, and premade gum pastes are also easily available in the market that contains softening agents like glycerin or glucose that make it easier to go with. 

Cream Cheese Frosting

A blend of cream cheese, butter and icing sugar; cream cheese frosting is ideally a buttercream frosting with cream cheese added to it. Red velvet cake, Carrot cake, and Hummingbird cakes are popular examples of it. It is creamier, tastier with an amazingly gorgeous look. It can be polished to a more even finish or fluffed up for casual looking cake. 


It is the first choice for chocolate lovers. This rich chocolate icing is made by heating heavy cream and further adding dark chocolate to it. Chocolate chips can also be added to it. Additionally, ganache can be used as a filling or piped into decorations. White chocolate ganache can also be tinted. The smooth, creamy texture is irresistible and will leave you asking for more! For every kind of chocolate, cakes, make an order for online cake delivery in Gurgaon and enjoy special occasions with loved ones. 

Royal Icing 

Royal icing is a sheer white fluid paste that compresses into a hard outer shell on drying. It was conventionally used to cover and enhance thick fruit cakes. Composed by whisking together egg whites, icing sugar, and lime juice, it looks smooth, hard, and matte when dry. Glycerine can be added to prevent the icing from setting too hard. Interestingly, it is readily dyeable using edible food colourings well. 


Marzipan frosting is also called as an almond paste. It is largely used as an icing rather than filling. Almond paste is made by blended in confectioner’s sugar, corn syrup, other flavourings, and colours. It is used just like the rolled fondant and gum paste icing having an almondy undertone in it.

Whipped Cream Frosting

The whipped cream frosting is typically one of the most popular kinds of frosting. It uses the heavy cream and whipped cream to make a thick creamy texture. Flavours such as vanilla extract, lemon zest, cocoa, almond extract, or fruit purees can be added to it. Use this appetizing stuff as a frosting or filling for cakes. 

Boiled Frosting

This kind of icing is a fluffy white coating that goes well with chocolate cake or yellow cake. Its snow-white, soft, and fleecy appearance is to die for. It can be made by simply whisking sugar syrup, egg whites, a pinch of salt, and some vanilla extract. This kind of frosting quite easy to color due to its white and glossy base.

Caramel Icing 

Caramel is a favourite choice in candies, ice creams, and cakes! Creating this kind of icing is a lot like making candy. It is made by mixing and boiling brown sugar and milk, then combine with butter and sugar until spreadable. Caramel lovers can easily order cake online Gurgaon and get their favourite cake just at the doorstep. 

A cake never completes without the icing over it. So choose the right icing as per your taste of flavour and use to finish your cakes! A well-chosen icing can grab the attention of everyone who will come to the party. 

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