Digital Signature Certificate – Benefits, Classes and How to Apply DSC in Gurgaon

Digital Signature Certificate or DSC is the government-approved secure digital key that can be issued only by the certifying authorities in India

Digital Signature Certificate – Benefits, Classes and How to Apply DSC in Gurgaon

Digital Signature Certificate or DSC is the government-approved secure digital key that can be issued only by the certifying authorities in India. DSC serves the purpose of verifying and validating the true identity of the person that is holding the DSC. DSCs are created using the public key encryption and hence this makes it very secure to be used digitally on varied forms and applications. 

Digital Signature Certificate comprises all valuable information of the person including the user’s name, country, pin code, date of issuing the certificate, email address and also the name and address of the certifying authorities. So, look for the best Digital Signature Providers in Gurgaon to apply and get your own Digital Signature Certificate today.  

What Benefits are Associated with Digital Signature Certificate?

As mentioned earlier, the Digital Signature Certificate is considered a secured digital key that helps in authenticating and verifying the personal data of the person that holds the DSC. It is very useful today for businesses to secure their Digital Signature Certificate, especially when conducting business online where the signing of digitally documents is crucial. But, you can only reap the benefits of DSC when it is applied through reliable and authorized Digital Signature Provider. Below are some of the benefits that would give you reasons for applying and secure your Digital Signature Certificate today. 

  • Minimizes Time and Cost – Rather than signing hard copies physically in bulk and scanning them to send via email, you can now sign all your digital documents, PDFs in bulk using Digital Signature and send them efficiently and faster. Besides, the DSC holders are not required to be present in-person to authorize or conduct the business or sign the documents. 
  • The integrity of Data – The digital documents which were signed digitally once can’t be edited or altered and hence this makes the files, copies, and PDFs secure and safe. The government in India is also becoming quite strict these days and may ask businesses to provide their certificates so as to cross-check and authenticate business transactions. 
  • Document Authenticity – The digital documents and files which are signed digitally give the receivers the required confidence and assure them about the signer’s legitimacy. The receivers are no longer required to worry about the documents being counterfeit or forged as it increases the authenticity of the documents signed digitally.           

Different Classes of Digital Signature Certificate

The purpose of getting the Digital Signature Certificate and the type of applicant defines the class of Digital Signature Certificate that you are required to apply for. There are basically three different classes of Digital Signature Certificate that are issued by certifying agencies. The Digital Signature Price, form and process all differ and you need to know about it clearly before applying.

  • Class 1 DSC – This type of Digital Signature Certificate is issued to private or individual subscribers and it is used to verify the name, email contact details of the holders from the clearly defined subject that lies within the database of the issuing agency
  • Class 2 DSC – The class 2 DSC is issued only to signatory authorities and directors of a company for the purpose of filing with Registrar of Companies digitally. This class of DSC is made compulsory for people who need to sign manual documents when e-filing their returns with ROC.      
  • Class 3 DSC – The class 3 DSC is mainly used when participating or bidding in e-auctions and tenders online across India. So, vendors who intend to participate or bid in digital auctions need to apply and secure a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate. 

How to Apply for Digital Signature Certificate in Gurgaon?

Applying for Digital Signature Certificate in Gurgaon is easy now owing to the fact that there are many agencies and providers that can assist you in the process. Below is the list of requirements for applying for DSC in Gurgaon. 

Once you are done with the submission you have to wait till you get your secure digital key which can be used for signing a document digitally. The Digital Signature Certificate Subscription Form needs to be filled duly by the applicant and must be submitted online at mudra, National Informatics Centre, Institutive for Development and Research in Banking technology. The DSC is issued for 1-2 years and it needs to be renewed thereafter.  

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