6 Insanely Actionable Instagram Marketing Tips For Web development Business

Instagram Marketing Tips For Web development Business

6 Insanely Actionable Instagram Marketing Tips For Web development Business

Nowadays, everyone out there is a huge fan of social media. It is not an easy task if the businessmen do not know about the protocols of the game. If boosting is required, then it should be kept in mind that the business is perceivable to the base. Marketing is a superior manner to place the company at a paramount, it has been seen that most experienced development teams can either achieve or break.  

So, here comes a question that which method is mostly adapted to engage the audience and to promote the brand. Social channel is a significant part of the digital marketing scenario. Since the companies want their websites to be more attractive, hence, the option of converting PSD to WordPress theme is generally adopted for all its beneficial facts. The designs related to PSD are now growing in today’s market as an extent because of multipurpose characteristics.

The social network assists in boosting the brand and when it comes to discovering the finest strategy, Instagram is best among all with boosting the power of 700 million Monthly Active Users (MAU).  The most important and remarkable thing about Instagram is that it is one of the biggest social networks with less clickable links, therefore, considering Instagram for a business perspective needs an authentic approach.

This article aims to enlighten Instagram marketing tips for web development. Therefore, the valuable suggestions of how Instagram can help boost the web design business are described below:

1. Preferences of Instagram’s young crowd

As per the research, Instagram’s youth likes useful, authentic and creative content. Mostly, the age group of 25 to 34 years is the largest which is almost 25.2 % of the U.S. users. In an urban area, 39% of users are noticed, in Suburban, 28% of users are addressed whereas, in Rural, there are 31% of Instagram users. So, the points that explain how Instagram strategy helps boost the web development business are :

  • Sharing of a perspective can be an effective approach and it can connect the young adults and teens on Instagram.
  • The beautification of content is also a preferable approach. Instagramers these days prefer to see a beautifully visualized content with high quality (HQ) features. Instagram knows how to engage users to develop equivalent HQ videos and images.
  • The approximate contribution of Instagram through Creativity is 37%, 32% in usefulness and 42% as a current approach.

2. Consistency Vs Frequency

It has been seen that posting in higher frequency will result in more likes and more followers. It is being discovered that the popular brand’s posts maximally twice in Instagram and some of the brands’ posts more than 10 times a day without even checking the user’s engagement.  So. the points that should be kept in mind while posting the content regularly are:

  • There is a possibility that the audience may not be interested to check numerous posts from you in a day.
  • Quality diminishes when the user posts several times.
  • Maintenance is also a fact of consideration

3. Short Caption length

It is a general observation that short Instagram caption helps to maximize engagement. It is because of the reason that Instagram only depicts the initial three lines and more button is shown for more caption. It has been recommended that the Caption length should be of 125 characters to be displayed in the Instagram feed.

4. Never give a miss to stories

The approximate Instagram stories view rate is of 35% than Snapchat and so on. It is because of the reason that Instagram prefers to put the stories related to brand and all. The stories with business perspectives are mostly receiving a reply from the customers’/clients’. From the study, it has been analyzed that in merely three weeks, one-quarter of users check the Instagram stories by ditching the Instagram activity. Almost 22.35% of users watched the stories since their arrival. The engagement rate has fallen since the stories feature is launched. Before stories, it was almost 1.9% and after stories, it is 0.95%. The research has shown that almost 45% of companies utilize Instagram stories once a week.

5. Including location tag drives and hashtags

While the research process, it has been noticed that one hashtag is included in 88% of the Instagram posts. It is beneficial because it assists in discovering the Instagram posts. From the research, it is being found that 13% of engagement is received with one hashtag whereas 29% of engagement is received in location tags posting. Posts with more than one hashtag receive more engagement and outperformance is received than average.  As it has been said that excess of everything is bad.

6. Videos over images

Fine video content can overtake the images. But it is not 100% true. Approximately, more likes have been noticed on images and more comments are noticed on videos. 53% of engagement is seen in videos than images that have a percentile value of 46. So, from this point of view, the publishers have started posting more videos than images like 43% monthly.  This point can vary from followers of brands. The only way to differentiate is to self analyze the posting of images and videos and this is dependent on the type of data being posted in videos and images. The followers liking would be the utmost concern while considering this point.


The conclusion lies in the fact Instagram believes in providing the utmost benefits to businesses for audience engagement in an efficient manner. So, the described marketing practices should be kept in mind for web development business optimization.

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