Everything You Need to Know About Installing Solar Panels in Virginia

Everything You Need to Know About Installing Solar Panels in Virginia

Everything You Need to Know About Installing Solar Panels in Virginia

Are you thinking about becoming one of the many home and business owners in Virginia to install solar panels? With concerns for the environment increasing, making the switch to solar power has become a popular decision. So much so that Virginia is the 16th ranked state in the country in terms of installation. 

There are a couple of things you should consider before getting solar panels in Virginia. Installation is expensive. The last thing you want to do is waste tons of money because you didn’t plan the way you should have. 

We can help kickstart your information research. Here’s everything you need to know about Virginia solar panel installation. 

How Do Solar Panels Work? 

It’s helpful to know how the systems work before you start calling around to solar companies near you. Everyone knows that solar panels absorb light, but what happens after that? 

Well, sunlight stimulates the photovoltaic cells within the system. These cells convert the light into direct current energy. The direct current energy travels through wires that turn it into alternating current energy. 

The alternating current energy goes through your home or business to power the entire building. 

Reasons to Get Solar Panels in Virginia

So now that you know how it works, it’s time to delve into why you should care about it. These are just a couple of reasons why people are installing solar panels. 

You’ll Help the Environment 

The biggest reason why people get solar power in Virginia is the environment. People care about reducing their carbon footprint no matter the cost. 

Cost is Decreasing

The one thing that detours many people from going solar is the price. It can be pretty expensive to begin the installation process. At least, it used to be pricy in the past. 

Not only is solar power a little cheaper, but there’s also a system that can fit in pretty much anyone’s budget. The company you go through will sit down with you to discuss payment options. 

There’s Been a Huge Jump in Technology

So, you don’t have a lot of room to fit solar panels on your roof. Due to increases in technology, that’s not an issue. Today’s systems are much more advanced than previous models. 

They can absorb even more sunlight. This means you won’t be at a power disadvantage because you couldn’t install quite as many panels as you would have liked to. 

Your Home Value will Jump up 

There comes a time in everyone’s lives when it’s time to pack up their things and move. You can’t start looking around for a new home until you’ve sold the old one. Having solar panels will put you at a huge advantage in this regard. 

Homebuyers value solar panels for all the reasons we’ve talked about so far. Homes with solar panels installed come hand in hand with a lower power bill. 

So, you should be able to sell your home quickly. You might even be able to negotiate a higher price for it. Many homebuyers won’t mind the extra cost if it means reducing their carbon footprint.

You Can Take Advantage of Tax Incentives 

Most states offer special tax incentives for those who have solar panels. Virginia is no exception to this. Certain counties in Virginia have property tax incentives in place for those with panels.

The extent of these exemptions varies from county to county, so you’ll have to make a few phone calls to find out what the policies are. There are also solar renewable energy credits in place. 

Again, solar panels are a little expensive. The federal government might be willing to reimburse you some of the cost when you fill out your taxes. 

Consider the Costs

Homeowners in Virginia can expect to spend at most 45,000 dollars for solar panel installation. We understand that this amount of money isn’t something that most people can simply pull out of their pocket. 

You might be able to get yours a little cheaper. It depends on the size of the system you get. The type of system will also play into the cost. 

There are two different types of solar panels you can have installed. Roof-mount and ground-mount. 

Roof-Mount or Ground-Mount?

If you have a ton of roof space that you can utilize, roof-mount systems are the more attractive option. They will cost you a pretty penny, but they are cheaper than ground-mount systems due to labor costs. 

Another thing to consider before you go for the roof option is the surrounding environment. If your roof is obscured by trees and other obstacles, it might not be worth it. 

A lot of work goes into ground-mount systems due to the extra components. You need plenty of ground space to be able to install these systems. 

The main benefit of ground-mount systems is that you can angle them any way you want. This will allow you to take full advantage of your panels. 

What Happens if Your System Produces Too Much Power?

When your solar panels use up too much power, it’s sent back to the grid. Utility companies keep track of this power using something called Net Metering. 

You’ll get credit for each kWh that’s bounced to the grid. The utility company will use these credits toward your current power bill. Not a single once of energy goes unused. 

Still, Thinking About Going Solar in Virginia? 

Are you still thinking about getting solar panels in Virginia? While the initial cost can be pretty high, it’s offset by the fact that you’ll be saving money on your power bill.

You’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Are you looking for more green upgrades that you can make to your home in Virginia? Check out our blog daily for more articles like this one. 

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