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remedies for beautiful skin

remedies for beautiful skin Shining skin not only increases your attractiveness but also boosts your confidence. For glowing skin, it is not necessary that you always use chemical-rich substances; on the contrary, you can try some remedies from nature’s new treasures to get your beautiful skin. Come learn some ways by which you can get beautiful skin.

Glow in the skin comes in two ways, one internal which comes due to better eating and healthy habits and the other using external cosmetics. To look beautiful naturally, first of all you should work to be beautiful from inside. Our food and drink have a profound effect on our beauty.

There is a need to control eating oily things, spicier, salt, sugar etc. to get better glowing skin. This type of food brings extra fat to the face and makes the face feel heavy. For better skin, the diet should contain omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin E and more fiber. These elements are found in abundance in walnuts, almonds, milk, curd, fish, spinach, oatmeal, papaya etc. For wrinkles free skin you can also read how long does plexaderm last?

Some home remedies for beautiful skin :

It is important to drink a balanced amount of water with food. Drinking water makes the face glow. But do not consume more coffee, beer or wine etc. instead of water. Always drink natural juice, sugar is high in canned juice.

Regular skin cleansing:

Every day our skin is contaminated due to exposure to dust, soil and pollution. Therefore, by cleaning the skin only once a week, you cannot clean it. You need to do daily cleaning. Skin should be washed daily with a good cleanser and scrub.

Apart from this, the face should be cleaned with toner at least four to five times a week. First cleaning, then scrubbing and then facials should be adopted. After these, do not forget to apply a good moisturizer.

Take special care when choosing a scrub to remove dead skin from face. The scrub is not very sharp otherwise it can damage the skin. A natural scrub can also be made by mixing honey and sugar or wheat bran and milk.

Apart from this, you can also reduce the facial skin of the face with potato pieces or tomato juice. Aloe vera gel or lemon also cleans the skin. Use a scrub pad or loofah while bathing.

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Good moisturizer is very important:

If you want to go out in the summer season, then keep a good moisturizer with you. There is a risk of suntan from the sun’s harmful rays. It puts a black layer of dead cells on the skin, so that your skin is not visible. A moisturizer with SPF 15 or 30 is considered better.

The habits:

Washing face while sleeping at night, good cleaning of face and extremities when coming from outside, not sharing your towel or handkerchief with anyone, not using different cream on face, always is using products of the same brand etc. There are some habits which are very important to get beautiful skin.

Choose soap carefully:

The soap you use for bathing affects your skin to a great extent. For bathing, you should not use soaps that have more drink or smell, instead creamy soaps should be used which cleanse the skin and also provide moisture to it.

Milk and lemon juice:

Let us know what is present in your kitchen that can enhance your skin. Milk and lemon juice cleanse the skin around and around the face very well. To reduce the effect of the sun’s harmful rays, cucumber juice, rose water and glycerin coating are very effective. After a while washing it, the face is refreshed.


With watermelon or papaya, you can make such a decision pack at home which brings a lot of glow to the face. If you want, you can massage on your face only with papaya pudding. It will cool the face and will also give cleansing.

Gram flour, turmeric and milk cream:

The paste of gram flour, turmeric and milk cream adds a fresh glow to the face. You can also apply food soda mixed with rose water and apply on the skin of face or hands and feet. But while making any facial at home, keep in mind that only milk or rose water can be added to make it loose.


Make a habit of exercising or doing yoga daily along with the above measures. You practice yoga’s like Padmasana, Dhanurasana, Shikhasana, Shavasana etc; they bring new radiance to the face.

remedies for beautiful skin

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