Hide and Lock all your Private Photos and Videos with a Foolproof Privacy App – “Keep Them Safe”

Hide and Lock all your Private Photos and Videos with a Foolproof Privacy App Keep Them Safe

Hide and Lock all your Private Photos and Videos with a Foolproof Privacy App – “Keep Them Safe” With the advent of smartphones and concomitant technology, users have become vulnerable to security breaches more than ever. There is a myriad of methods and technologies which can extract your personal data from your device.

Sometimes setting up a password on your phone does not suffice and fails to keep unwanted and unwarranted access from your phone. So, what is the way out? The least users can do at their level is to protect their data in the phones using robust applications that are hard to access for the intruders.

There are multiple Hide Private photos and videos Apps available on Play Store that augment the security of your data.

One of the best privacy apps is “Keep Them Safe”, which has become increasingly popular for its easy user interface and horde of nifty features. The app makes use of advanced encryption and locks your images and videos safely.

Hide and Lock all your Private Photos and Videos with a Foolproof Privacy App – “Keep Them Safe”

Features of Keep Them Safe

Keep Them Safe has a lot of powerful and unique features, which give you the freedom of using it safely and also keeps intruders at bay.

The premium version of the app provides the following features:

  • Create folders
  • PIN lock
  • Fingerprint lock system
  • Login via Email
  • Restore deleted files
  • 3-day trial period
  • 5 GB cloud storage
  • Synchronization of data

The basic version of the app gives the following features:

  • Create folders
  • PIN lock
  • Fingerprint lock system
  • Login via Email

Now let us see both the basic and premium features of the app and learn about them in detail.


Users can secure their photos and videos by keeping a Pattern, PIN, or finger print lock. Select the photos and videos that you want to keep from others and set a secure open so that only you can have access to it.


Once you have locked the photos and videos, you can create a personal folder and save them. Keep Them Safe allows you to make as many folders as you want and keep the intruders at bay.


Users can lock their default gallery and hide them with ease. You can either lock the photos and videos directly in the default galley of your phone or place them and secure them instantly in the app.

Import/export files

You can also import/export files from your SD card and device. The app makes it very easy to hide and unhide your files without any trouble.

Unlimited Space

There is no need to free up space for storing the photos and videos in the app. The app allows you to use it without worrying about the space requirements. Keep Them Safe enables you to have a large number of photos and videos to secure in the app.

Save Time

The interface is easy and does not consumer much time of the users. The multi-select feature of the app allows you to import hundred of images and photos in a few seconds.

Backup and Restore

This is another amazing feature of the app which keeps your data on the drive and restores it. You don’t have to run pillar to post for recovering your data in the event of loss or change of device.

Manage your personal settings

Users can now manage all their personal settings in the app with a horde of facilitating features. You can now make the tweaks and changes at your fingertips.

Advanced Encryption

The app uses military grade encryption to keep your images and videos pristine in security. Unauthorized users who will try to barge into your phone will not be successful in their attempt.  

Easy Login

The process of starting the app is very simple. You just have to login using your email id and you are done.

Restore deleted files

Many times, you accidentally delete your images and lose it forever. But not anymore! Keep Them Safe is an app that lets you restore your deleted photos. You can recover your photos even if you have uninstalled the app.

Cloud Storage

The premium version of the app also provides 5 GB cloud storage and dispenses with space constraints.

Synchronization of data

The app provides a flawless synchronization using which you can recover all the data just the way it is in the same folders.

How to use Keep Them Safe

Keep Them Safe is a very easy-to-use app where you can easily hide all your personal photos and videos effectively. You just have to login to the app via your email id. The app uses a PIN, pattern, and fingerprinting lock to keep your data safe in secrecy.

You can organize your files into multiple folders and name them as per your convenience. The app does all of this through advanced encryption such as military grade encryption system.


Secret Gallery lock app like Keep Them Safe protects you from unforeseen harm when your sensitive data falls into wrong hands. Once you have locked your private and confidential data in this app, you can allay all the fears of a data breach.

So, even if you lose your phone, you can rest assured that nothing will happen to your private photos or videos.

Noman shaikh is a Digital marketing Head at Yelowmobi which is known for developing top-notch hide photos and videos apps. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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