Hospitals using Software

Hospitals using Software

These days we see that more and more hospitals are using various softwares to make their processes systematic. There are different softwares being used by different hospitals. For example-

  • Patient Administration Systems (PAS)
  • Operating Theatre Management Systems
  • Laboratory Information Management Systems
  • Booking Management Systems
  • Hospital Costing System
  • Appointment Management System
  • Doctor and Clinic Management Software

 All these software help in handling different processes of the hospitals like handling the patient details, scheduling appointments, online payments and so on. This software also streamlines the operations of the hospitals. It has become a boon for everyone in the healthcare industry as it requires less human effort and has more efficiency since it’s a mechanical process. Then wave is one such company which offers software for paediatric hospitals which in turn aims to provide enterprise solutions for hospitals, medical colleges, and dental colleges.

Some of the features of this software for paediatric hospitals is interoperability, multi-tenant cloud, vendor and device neutral, 24×7 support. Let us check out some of the products that Tenwave sells. Ether is a hospital information system which completely automates all the patient related information and hospital records. In this, the hospital records are barcode enabled with alert management through SMS and emails. With this software, bed allocation and request for bed transfers are easily done without any chance of human intervention.

Galaxy PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) is a web-based radiology program that is specifically made for radiology programs. It is used for storage of data of imaging studies and reports. It also enables remote viewing of patient records through tele- radiology.

SIRIUS is another software which is specifically used by lab owners and pathologists to effectively manage the system and daily operations.

ORION is another software solution which helps in managing the workflow of dental colleges. It helps in avoiding the loss and damage of patient records.

The Polar Software for clinics helps in the management of different departments like OPD, Radiology, IPD, TPA Insurance, Bed Management, Nursing Management, Pharmacy, Roster Management and so on.

Another software which provides service is NEON. It caters to the most delicate wing of any hospital which is the ICU. It helps in managing the patient records as any problem there could be hazardous to someone’s life. It has electronic medical records for different things like allergies, family history, nutrition status, patient images, radiology, toxicology, triage details etc.

Healysta is a mobile-based platform to help out the patients and doctors to manage appointments, manage records with vital lab reports, video chat with caregivers, home care for chronic patients, online lab, pharmacy and so on.

The most important feature of Zanimus is to reduce the errors and decrease the cost for doctors making visits outside the hospitals and clinics. It also helps in disease management, assesses the health status of the patient suffering from chronic ailments. It also sends timely alerts to patients to help them analyse the data when needed the most.

The Queue Management System manages the Out Patients’ Department (OPD). With the increase in the number of illnesses, many patients’ are seen lined up outside OPD’s on a large scale basis every day. Some of the product features are LED Display, report, dashboard and analysis module, patient SMS solution, feedbacks given by the patients, and Queue token machine which is used during heavy crowd hours. It helps to generate more than 20000 tokens every day.

The Software as a service application is coming more and more to the rescue of people and more and more organisations are using them as affordable solutions. They are more affordable ways of deploying cloud-based EHRs. Many organisations are using them to compensate for the staff.

This software is capable of themselves to do the task of hundreds of staff members which makes it more cost efficient. This is a technology which requires time and planning to make things organised and beneficial for everyone. SaaS solutions are good enough for organizations with smaller IT departments because of the large part of the maintenance and checking of the solution is performed by the vendor.

Then wave as a company has risen above the rest to provide effective healthcare solutions to people. Many organisations and patients have benefitted from it and would continue to do so in the future. It is a world class technology which is changing the face of hospital management.

It is a boon for the healthcare industry which seeks to save the lives of an endless number of people. With this advancement in technology, it has become easier to help those who cannot help themselves. It has reduced the number of death rates and has helped hospitals manage their data efficiently so that no one is harmed in the long run and data doesn’t get mixed. Then the wave will continue to make such advancements in technology.


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