How much does it cost to build a mobile application?

‘How much does app development cost

‘How much does app development cost?’- this question is a never sufficing one. The answer to this question does not involve only numerics but also includes factors that influence those numbers.

With all the industries going mobile, app development has gained a significant place in the market. Building custom apps to boost your business is a part of the marketing now.

It was also seen in multiple surveys that users prefer mobile apps more than websites which increases the number of mobile app users automatically.

Do you really need an app?

Going mobile is not something every business must do but come to think about the benefits of using a mobile app for your business, the idea is tempting. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using a mobile app:

  • Improve relationship with customers

    If your business has a mobile app then customers will stay in touch and will multiply in number. Your app will be a symbol of your values as a company or even as a startup. Mobile apps provide an extraordinary experience to the customers which in return creates a positive image of your business.

  • More customer engagement

    Mobile apps have the ability to increase customer engagement. If you are a startup then this is going to be a great advantage for the business. More engagement means more awareness and more traffic which is what the whole point of a business is.

  • A source of marketing

    Mobile apps also act as a platform for brand promotion and marketing. The app can be used to announce new products or promote products that aren’t doing well organically. Apps can also gather data about user behaviour and use it for strategy formation.

  • Comfort of customers

    A customer is more comfortable using mobile devices to shop or browse rather than opening the browser. This increases the app usage time which also directly increases sales of the business. The comfort of users allows them to make buying decisions and likeability towards the brand.

Factors influencing cost of mobile apps

Mobile app development process involves a lot of steps and at each step, many decisions have to be made. All these decisions or choices influence the overall cost of the mobile app. So the cost of mobile app development is not fixed and changes as per the factors. Here are the factors that influence the cost of mobile apps:

  • The app development platform selected for app development
  • Type of app developer: agency or individual app developer
  • Purpose of the app
  • The complexity of the app
  • The technology used in the app development process.
  • Features added in the app

These are the factors that determine the app development cost. Another factor that comes is the maintenance and support cost of the app which is applied after the app has been launched.

What is the average cost of app development?

Coming to the most-awaited question of this blog, ‘What is the cost of app development?’. On average, the cost of a simple app with basic features ranges from $2,000 to $10,000. But these apps have the most basic features which will not be enough to make them successful. An app with high performance and great features range between $30,000 to $1,00,000. These are just estimates and cannot be solid numbers for any app development cost.

Different apps have different costs depending on the functionality and performance of the app. A custom app may have a higher cost because it has selected features and designing. The platform for app development is one of the biggest factors determining the price and iOS app development costs more than Android app development.

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