How Poor Information Management Affects Employee Productivity

Effective information management is necessary for the success and growth of a business organization. However, most enterprises do not understand that it is a continuous initiative which needs to be assessed and modified regularly. The massive amount of data being generated by even small-size firms makes this all the more necessary.

In case, EIM consulting services are not hired for assessing the effectiveness of the program, be rest assured that the framework will not be able to scale up according to the rising requirements. A poorly-run data management initiative will hurt employee productivity as they are dependant on data to carry out their routine tasks. In this article, we are discussing how an ineffective data handling program affects the productivity of an organization’s workforce.

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  • Redundant Technology Cause Operational Inefficiencies

A lot of businesses ignore carrying out the overhauling of their technological infrastructure from time to time. This is one of the biggest reasons which cause the data management program to crumble or at least become ineffective. It is not necessary that all businesses invest in state of the art technology as such an approach cannot be financially viable. However, companies have to find out which tools and solutions have become redundant and must be removed.

Carrying on with outdated technologies hampers the workforce’s productivity in a big way. Let’s say the sales team does not have a software solution which helps them assess the potential of leads. At the same time, a rival business is using such software and is swiftly classifying leads according to their potential to convert. Now, the first business will treat its sales team as ineffective when in reality it is the technological tool which is causing the group to not perform optimally.

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  • Poor Implementation Results In Resistance To Change

This is a serious problem which most organizations suffer from at one time or another. The poor implementation of the program leads to resistance by the employees across the organization. When most of them find the new methodologies to be not quite effective, they revert back to the old ways of doing things. This defeats the entire purpose of creating and executing the management plan. Let’s say the software being used by the customer care cell is inefficient and causing the executives to spend more time in handling complaints.

The customers will give negative feedback about the complaint redressal mechanism of the company. This can cause the business leaders to think that the customer care group is not performing optimally. The employees, in order to maintain their performance standards, will try to devise their own methods to deal with the issue. This means that there will be no streamlined process to handle client grievances. Businesses must ensure that an effective strategy is formulated and implemented to arouse confidence in the workforce.

  • Complex Procedures Force Employees To Perform Badly

All aspects of an organization need to be considered before framing an information management program. Businesses need to factor in not only technological challenges but also their human resources’ ability to adapt to the program. The scheme is bound to fail if the technical competence of the workforce is not taken into consideration while building the strategy. In case, the users find the procedures too complex and difficult to understand, then their performance will naturally be affected.

Implementing the program without giving proper training to the staff is going to be detrimental for the organization. Instead of blaming workers’ poor performance and replacing them later, companies must focus on identifying suitable people for different roles. Enterprises, where the initiative has been executed successfully, pick people who have a fair understanding of technical systems. They also ensure that the selected professionals also understand the business value of the operations or functions they have been asked to perform.

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  • Lack Of Centralized Storage Leads To Poor Data Access

The workforce will lose confidence in the scheme if it finds that data elements are hard to access. Most businesses invest in a cloud-based initiative so that all information is stored in a central repository. However, not removing the other storage options can lead to employees saving data in diverse locations. For instance, instead of the specified location users can save some necessary information on USB drives by connecting them to their systems. Ideally, people must make sure that the data is also copied to the original storage area.

However, such an approach will result in vital information missing from the central repository. This will lead to problems in accessing that element when its need arises. Poor data access will cause delays in performing key operations and ultimately in taking major decisions. Organizations must force their staff members to save all data in only the specified storage area. The practice will be met by resistance as people will feel that they are losing control over their assigned elements. However, it must be done to make sure that data remains easily accessible at all times.

  • Capturing Incorrect Data Results In Flawed Analyses

Analytics is an integral part of the data management plan and organizations depend on it to draw valuable insight out of their information assets. However, analytics tools will not provide useful input if the data elements themselves are incorrect. This will result in flawed analyses which will affect the quality of the decision-making and hamper the overall productivity of the enterprise. It is essential that businesses take all necessary measures to make sure only correct data enters their digital environment.


A poorly-crafted and inefficiently run information management strategy can have a deeply negative impact on employee productivity. It can negatively affect the morale of the workforce besides causing serious financial losses.

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