How to Care for your Radiant Floors

Radiant Floor


Radiant floors are the oldest technique of climate control. The ancient civilizations used the technique to get rid of excessive or unbearable weather effects. The Indians used to make the fire in a huge pit outside their cottages and the smoke would flow within the cottages through the inside tunnels. The Egyptians had heated water mechanism running under the floor; the pipes used to carry hot water through the walls and floor to reduce the effects of the cold.

The same mechanism would still serve the purpose when the weather would shift. In short, the technique is old and adapted by many civilizations. In recent times, the same technique is called radiant flooring and is exercised in almost every part of the world. When installing perfectly, a floor heating in CA lasts for years but the maintenance is a must.

Radiant Floor

Benefits of Radiant Floor:

Radiant flooring is done by running warm water through the pipes installed on walls floors and even ceilings. Some techniques use electricity to keep the temperature of the area maintained other use the circulation of warm air within the structure of the house. Because everything is happening inside the floor or wall, the bare surfaces are comfortable to touch when the room floor heat panels in CA.

This method of temperature control is safer because you don’t experience the wind blowing throughout your property. Cool or warm air throwers can also spread allergens and dust within your house and the heat or cooling escapes through the windows and other openings. Radiant flooring in CA provides better comfort levels as compared to any other form; say you have to air-condition in the house. The cooling will only last as long as the system is on. As soon as the system turns off, the temperature begins to rise. With the heated floors, the effect of the temperature control stays for a longer period of time so you are not required to keep the system running for long.

Installing Heat Panels in CA is an Energy Efficient Initiative:

The system works on the principals of convergence of heat. You can shut the system off once the room is heated enough and the warmth will last for a longer period of time as compared to the warmth provided by heaters, so, you can save 30 to 40 per cent on energy expenses.

A Well Installed Radiant Floor Lasts for Decades:

Make sure you have hired and efficient company for heating installation in CA and your floor will last for decades. The external heating or cooling appliances have a certain life ad they are required to be replaced after a few years. Since electric flooring isn’t prone to weather, dust or other damaging factors, it can last for the decade if you care for it.

Due Maintenance is required:

This type of heating technique can serve you for years, but, like every other machinery, it requires maintenance as well. Following are some preventive measures you can take to make your electric floor last longer.

Yearly Thorough Inspection:

  • Seek help from professionals to check the condition; you can’t probably guess if the system has incurred an expanse so it will be better to call professional inspectors. The first thing to check in the system is the pressure exerted by the hot air in the boiler. A close heating system must always maintain the level of pressure; if the pressure is low, enough heat will not be passed to the system, and if the pressure is too high, the boiler may burst.
  • Low pressures will make the system consume more energy as well since enough heat won’t be transferred to the main system, the boiler will have to work more than it is required. Higher pressure will turn the water into steam faster than usual and the steam may accumulate in the pipes or in the boiler itself which can result in bursting.
  • Copper connecting pipes are easy to be repaired as you can cut the problem area and patch in a piece, but if the pipes are of steel, the whole pipe should be replaced in case of a leakage.
  • Take very good care of a possible steam leakage; keep checking your boiler for the possible leakage because when the water from the leaking pipes enters the grey structure of the house it causes much more serious problems than water damage alone.

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