How To Change The WordPress Login URL

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How To Change The WordPress Login URL

How To Change The WordPress Login URL WordPress is one of the most popular CMS around powering more than one-third of the world’s total websites. WordPress development services are the most sought-after agencies for creating new interfaces. It is easy to learn platform for beginners but this very quality can also give rise to some problems. The login URL is one such feature which is easy to remember but it also can be a security risk. There is no facility given to change the WordPress login URL and users must know how to do it.

/wp-login.php and /wp-admin.php are the two default URLs provided in every WordPress installation. For instance, the login page of a WordPress website called can be accessed by the URL or Moreover, the open-source CMS creates the username admin by default. With all this information available, a hacker has to only crack the password to gain unauthorized access.

Most amateurs do not understand the importance of having unique usernames and passwords. They use generic terms as they are easy to remember and in the process become soft targets for attacks. Switching to a different URL will make it hard to locate by hackers. As mentioned, earlier with no inbuilt feature for changing the login URL, WordPress users have to depend on other ways to do it.

The modification can be done manually too but as there is a high probability of errors occurring it is better if the manual method is not used or custom WordPress development services are hired for the purpose. Let’s see how this can be done with the help of a plugin.

We will be using the WPS Hide Login plugin for the purpose. Following is the step by step procedure which will help change the login URL:

How To Change The WordPress Login URL

Step 1

Create and save the backup of the whole website before starting the process of changing the login URL. This is essential as it provides a safeguard from any possible issues which may arise during the procedure. Make sure that the backup is complete and stored in a safe location and only then move ahead.

Step 2

Access the admin dashboard of your WordPress installation and go to “Plugins” in the menu. Click on the “Add New” button and then enter the name of the plugin in the search field. Download the files and complete its installation. Activate it so that you can make the desired changes to the login URL.

Step 3

Now go to Settings> General in the menu. You can also use Settings> WPS Hide Login. Both the paths will take you to the location for making the desired change. You will see a field named “Login URL”. the new URL has to be entered here. Click on the “Save Changes” tab to confirm the modification. The default URL will now be disabled and you can use the new one to access your website.

Important Points To Remember

The process to change the WordPress login URL with the WPS Hide Login plugin is simple but users must keep the following points in mind:

1.No Access To Default Login Screen After Activation

As soon as the plugin is activated it will bar a user from accessing the old login screen. Its default settings will take the user to /login. Remember that this takes place immediately upon activation. So all the modifications to the URL have to be made in the first attempt. Moreover, users must remember the new URL otherwise they will not gain access to their interface.

2. Reverts To Old Default Settings Upon Deactivation

Users who want to return to old default settings have to simply deactivate the plugin. As soon as the deactivation is done the website will return to old default settings. /wp-login.php and /wp-admin.php will again become the login URLs.

It is essential to keep these points in mind before moving ahead with the process to change login URLs with this plugin. This will prevent an owner from getting locked out of his/her own website. Even though the procedure is simple, the deactivation of old default settings makes it necessary that users be careful while working with the plugin.


This method to change the WordPress login URL is easy and helps users enhance the security of their websites without encountering any problems. The practice will give more fruitful results if it is combined with some other safety features.

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