How to clean and Shine Marble Kitchen Worktop?

Marble Kitchen Worktop

How to clean and Shine Marble Kitchen Worktop?

Marble is a cool, smooth, and sturdy material for kitchen worktops. So, if you are planning to install marble in your kitchen, then you are making a wise decision. If you need a kitchen worktop material that needs the least maintenance then installing marble kitchen worktops is the best decision.

There are different kinds of materials that are used for kitchen worktops, which include wood, granite, glass, laminate, ceramic tile and much more.  It is not an easy decision to choose a material for the kitchen countertop especially when you have many options. Still, you need to select a material with aesthetic appeal for your kitchen worktops. Of course, you must ensure that the price of the material falls into your budget and ensures ideal strength as well as durability too. Marble kitchen worktops, in such a situation, will suit your needs and purpose both at the same time.

Why Marble?

Marble is a beautiful, natural, and strong stone which is mostly used for floors as well as for kitchen countertops. It is crucial for you to know and understand how you can take care of your marble worktops and what you can do for proper marble maintenance. Marble worktops are the most durable and long-lasting material if it is regularly cleaned and properly maintained. Now when you know that installing a marble kitchen worktop is a wise decision, you should start thinking about how to clean and keep it shiny once you are done with its installation.

While many people choose marble for their kitchen countertops and they do install it, there are very few of them who really put all the hard efforts to clean their worktops and maintain its look and shine. Installing marble countertops is not that hard but what is tougher is to clean and maintain it. If you want to use your countertops for many years and you are looking for some effective methods to extend its life span, the best thing you can do is ensure regular cleaning with the right cleaning products.

How to Clean Marble Kitchen Worktop – The Dos & Don’ts

While you can use little warm water and cleaning cloth to remove the dust and dirt from your worktops, there are many other ways in which you can keep it clean and shiny. Always remember to use the eco-friendly cleaning agents for the purpose. The ways in which you can clean and maintain the shine of your marble kitchen countertops are as follows:Cleaning a marble kitchen worktop begins with the protection, care, and normal upkeep. The regular cleaning will expel the debris and dirt that could spoil the look and shine of your marble.

  • Clean the marble top with a delicate, dry material to expel the dust, dirt, and debris. It is additionally essential to deal with spills in an efficient way when they appear so that no fluid is permitted to decolor or recolor your floor.
  • It is important to make sure that the cleaning products and solutions used on the worktop is pH neutral.
  • Remember that you should not use or apply any acidic cleaners on your marble. If you will do so, it will spoil the look and shine of your kitchen worktops as marble reacts with acids instantly, imposing a negative effect on the same.
  • Marble is a kind of material that can absorb water and other liquids, such as juice, wine, etc., very easily. Don’t use any harmful chemical for removing the stain of coffee or tea. Using vinegar is strictly restricted.
  • You can use cloth or paper and an eco-friendly cleaning agent to remove the dirt as soon as you notice on the worktop. Remember that when you are using cloths or paper for cleaning your worktops you should not scrub it. Scrubbing may scratch the marble, thereby letting it lose its luster.
  • Using special cleaning products and liquid is very much recommended for removing the heavy stain. Choose only those cleaning products which are specially designed for cleaning the marble surface only. You can apply the cleaning products once your kitchen work is over. After that, you can easily wash the countertops with a bucket of clean water, detergent and cloth.
  • It won’t be wrong to say that many homeowners who cook food in their kitchen, cut the vegetables and fruits on their marble worktops. Marble can easily get scratch. You should not make this mistake. Use cutting boards and other alternatives to hold hot kettle. It is recommended that you use trivets which are designed for such purpose only.
  • You can also use a commercial marble polish to maintain the look and shine of your kitchen worktops.

The points which are mentioned above are some simple ways by which you can easily clean marble worktop and maintain its brightness.

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