How to Make Chinese Takeout Boxes with Fortune Cookies Paper?

How to Make Chinese Takeout Boxes

How to Make Chinese Takeout Boxes with Fortune Cookies Paper?

Chinese foods are consumed around the globe and no one can deny their deliciousness. People love to have these foods with them on their picnics and trips, and in this regard, Chinese takeout boxes provide full satisfaction by secure transportation of the packed food items. They help them to keep their foods fresh and organic for a long time.

They are designed out of cardboard and Eco-friendly Kraft Paper Stocks that are exceptional in keeping packed items original in taste and safe from every kind of toxicity and contamination. Containing top-quality printing solutions and branding features they can play a significant role in the success of any food brand.

How to Make Chinese Takeout Boxes

How to make them on your own with Fortune Cookies Paper?

Having own packaging solution is always a blessing for retailers and brands as it not only helps them to save a huge amount of budgets that they are supposed to spend on their packaging solutions. Make your own takeout boxes with these easy steps and save money. 

Collect materials

For making Chinese food boxes, you will need to have materials including  

  • Fortune Cookies Papers
  • Computer and Printer

•     Ruler

•     Adhesives

•     Pencil

•     Scissor

•     Wires

•     Ribbons and other decorative material

Select design or pattern and get printed

Select a unique and best fitting design for your food packaging containers. You can use ready-made templates as well. So, after selecting the right design of perfect size, get it printed on colored or even white fortune cookies paper. Try to use white and black printing ink as it will make it easy to cut out and assemble accordingly. Before getting your desired design printed on fortune cookies paper, print it on a random paper in order to make sure printing quality is perfect, so when you print on desired paper stock, it will give a perfect solution.

Cut out according to pattern

Once you are done with the selection and printing of the design and pattern of your takeout boxes, it is time to cut the paper stock according to the printed patterns. Try to cut around the printed pattern and lines smooth and accurately. Neatly made cuts will ensure the strength of the boxes that will be resulted from these steps. By cutting these patterns you will get two or three pieces as larger pieces are for box sides and a smaller one in rectangular or quadrangle shape is for the bottom construction.  You can make your cutting process easier by using a ruler as it will help you in cutting smoothly.

Score the lines for folding

To fold in an appropriate way, you have to use a scoring tool or butter knife with a ruler for making creases along the scoring lines mentioned in the pattern. Place the ruler along the straight lines of each piece and run the scoring tool over them. These scored lines will help you in bending or folding your boxes to give them a final shape. 

Fold up lappets

Once you are done with the scoring lines, now you should go for folding them according to your pattern or design of desired Chinese food takeout boxes. There will be four overlapping flaps for closure. 

Glue up 

After giving these boxes a final shape, you have to glue them. Pour glue on gluing tabs and fold them inside. Make sure that you have glued up all the required tabs and sides.  

Include handles for easy transportation

For easy carriage of the packed food items, it is necessary to add handles to these crafted packages. Cut the wires in the size of the width of the box and two inches extra. Bend the wire 1 inch from both sides to give them a handle shape. Punch two holes on at the top of each side of the boxes and insert the wires in the holes. You can use ribbons and other things too for adding handles to them.

Decorate them

It’s up to your choice either you want to let them remain plain or you want to add some decorative elements. For adding more beauty to these food packages, you can use wax papers, ribbons, and stickers, etc. More importantly for giving them a more professional look, you can use printed fortune cookies papers for their creation. Once you are done with adding decorative things to these take out packages, congrats your boxes are ready to be used for product packaging.

Described steps make creating Chinese takeout boxes easy and fun activity. Crafting them your self will give you the satisfaction about their quality, features and the requirements of your things to be packaged. Following these easy steps for making the Chinese food box will surely help you in getting the desired packaging solution for your delicious foods or gift products to inspire your beloved ones.

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