How to Make Your Outlook Email Account More Secure?

How to Make Your Outlook Email Account More Secure?

Outlook tech support number is always reachable to help you with the security issues of your Outlook account. You can also apply the given important tips to keep your Outlook account more secure:

  • Use strong passwords

The first important thing to ensure the security of your Outlook account is to set a strong and unique password for the account. Make sure to keep a note of the password so as to avoid forgetting the password in the future. Even after using a strong password, it is necessary to keep changing it often as we tend to log in to our email account from different devices which might not be secure enough.

  • Use different passwords

Next important thing to keep in mind while setting a password for any of your social accounts is to use different passwords for each social account such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is because if you will set the same password for each of your social accounts, this might result in the hacking of all the accounts at the same time. Hackers are aware of the fact that people tend to use the same passwords for all their social accounts. This makes it easy for them to guess all the passwords as soon as they hack one of your accounts. Hence, make sure your Outlook password is not matching with other accounts.

  • Set up two-step verification

You can also provide an extra layer of security to your Outlook account by applying the two-step verification method. Enable the two-step verification for your Outlook account to make it more secure. Two-step verification makes it difficult for the hackers to easily get access to your account as it requires entering a verification code in order to log in to your account which is received on the phone number of the user. The verification code can also be sent to an alternative email address if you have added one to your Outlook account.

  • Avoid sharing passwords

Only you should be the sole owner of your Outlook password to ensure the complete security of your account. There are times when someone might ask you about your account details including the password for some official purpose but this might be a scam so you need to stay alert all the times. If in case you have shared the password with someone accidentally, immediately change it.

  • Keep your security information up to date

If you have added additional information to your Outlook accounts such as alternative email addresses or phone number, make sure that it is up to date and you have access to it. The verification code is sent on the phone number or alternative email address and if you will not update the information, you might lose access to your Outlook account. This will update the security system for your account.

Using the above information you can keep your Outlook account more secure and if you have any confusion lying in your mind, call at our Outlook support phone number.

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