How To Start A WordPress Blog

how to start a wordpress blog


As you all know that, WordPress is a free, self-hosted, and open-source content management systems. It is the most associated with blogging but also supports other types of web content like more traditional mailing lists and forums, our personal websites, media galleries, and online stores.

WordPress support a lot of features and is a good solution for how to start a blog, and we think blogs are super awesome. We can create our own blog and also we can create our own websites.

Actually, WordPress is a downloadable software which means that you can easily download and use. It is also called website management toolset. Nowadays WordPress is the most popular and spread wide range in blogging platform in the world.

WordPress also comes with a lot of plugins like WooCommerce setup and some other. There are some in-built features that will help you to make unique from others in the market.

Why you should create a blog.

There are some following key point related to a blog

  1. Blogging is becoming one of the most popular ways of communicating and exchange information one to another very quickly in less time. Nowadays millions of blogs are online.
  2. It is a way to express about you and also a fantastic way to share and exchange the information one to another
  3. Due to this blogging, visitors can comment and interact with you and your band
  4. Also after you create your own blog you can earn money. you became a better person and a better writer. You can make money doing it after creating a blog.

Let us some quick summary that we’re going to cover in the rest of the article below:

  1. Purchase your blog hosting — This is the place where you installing WordPress and host your own blog files, articles, pictures, videos, and images.
  2. Install WordPress from your new Control Panel — Install WordPress in the control panel.
  3. Choose a free theme for your blog — Choose a theme that suits the colors, and goals for your blog and after installing it from your new WordPress blog dashboard.
  4. Publish your first post — Now start writing your own content amazing blog posts that help to other peoples who see your blog.

Now let us get into detail step by step, in this articles we more briefly describe how to start a WordPress blog nowadays more than 9,000 million people have now used to start blogging properly.

Purchase your blog and domain name hosting package

First of all the main thing is that we need to do purchase some domain name and blog hosting.this is a place where we kept all the log files where we can store.

Adding new pages and blog posts

To create a new post or page you have to use the dashboard options. Navigate to Post>>Add New. For pages, pages>>Add new.

I usually do not bother myself more with the pages. In short, “Pages” are usually about your contact or my location, while posts are your blogging posts. It’s quite easy, is not it?

So let’s first create a blog post and see how it goes. For doing this, you need to press the “post” button and then “add new”

Here is an example of my first blog post (you need to click “Publish” to make it live)

After clicking the publish button, you can add some “tags” to make it more “searchable”. If you add some tags, it’s easy to find your blog from many WordPress blogs on search engines.

However, new blogs will not be too excited to not receive much traffic beforehand. Once you completed, then share it with your friends, colleagues by Twitter / Facebook etc.

That’s All!

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