How to write a feature article

write a feature article

How to write a feature article

How to write a feature article A feature is that the main story within the magazine that focuses on a special event, place or person in nice detail. There square measure many varieties of feature articles, whether or not they’re creatively targeted or interesting, however, they forever have one factor in common: human interest. Writing feature articles for magazines (and newspapers) could be a good way for rising writers and authors to make up their portfolio of labor.

However, there square measure many various parts to magazine writing and commercial enterprise that the featured author must take into account. We have a place along a bit guide on what to analysis and what to incorporate once it involves writing a prime quality feature…

write a feature article

Know the Publication: Remember that every publication encompasses a specific audience and a definite form of writing. as an example, if you’re writing for a widely known magazine like the Women’s Weekly the article must specialize in AN emotional level, mistreatment footage and quotes that replicate the reader’s thought on daily life.

However, if you’re writing for the tiny low freelance magazine just like the Morning Bell the fashion is additional versatile, you have got plenty additional freedom in terms of material, even as long because the content is obvious and applicable to the magazine’s theme. Also reckoning on the publication, not all magazines consider trends and current events; those square measure principally for weekly or daily magazines.

There square measure publications that print annually, quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly, that in these cases, trends square measure less of a spotlight as a result of trends have come back and elapsed the time the magazine goes to print. So what do magazines specialize in if not recent issues? sometimes, the magazine encompasses a theme to base their stories on.

For example, the Australian literary journal, Kill Your Darlings, focuses on statement essays, politics, and reviews. One issue can be regarding the Australian Government and another on a memoir; the most feature details this theme full. Get to grasp the magazine and what reasonably content they publish; we tend to powerfully recommend reading their previous articles before submitting one in all your own. Look through the publication’s submission pointers and establish aspects of their house vogue in their revealed content. When you are prepared, here’s a piecemeal method in making a feature that may impress.

The mission for Story and therefore the Publication:

Some magazines can provide you with a subject for you to analysis and write off, however, if you’re submitting to a magazine then you’ll most likely need to pitch one yourself. This is wherever you are able to brainstorm concepts and outline what space you’d wish to write off. However, this is often no certainty as a result of the piece you’re writing must be elaborated and should give examples and proof in conjunction with the facts you’re providing.


To be able to work as a contract author, the author is a freelance, conjointly called a contractor. they’ll write for one or additional publications at constant time and square measure paid per article or per word. Though freelancing technically permits you the liberty to write down for no matter publications you would like – writers should be cautious of the very fact that additional and additional firms square measure out-sourcing their content production, then freelancers these days (especially new freelancers) should take the roles they’ll get.

Extensive analysis can still be a serious a part of your job, and reckoning on however you are obtaining paid (per word, per article or per hour) you would like to take care of however you pay it slowly. Freelancers square measure to blame of their own invoicing and tax. However, one in all the much-loved advantages of freelancing is that the proven fact that these writers get to figure at their own pace, on their own schedule.


Some magazines or websites have staff United Nations agency write for them inside a team. If you’re AN in-house author, you’ll possibly have topics appointed to you, or you may a minimum of receiving a short. Your work is passed to editors United Nations agency can provide you with feedback on the way to improve the article. Usually, the team and you may have regular conferences to make a decision on future content planning and material.

During content conferences, the writers sometimes brainstorm concepts for articles and gift statistics and analysis that may profit the publication. A good plan is to explore what folks square measure reading regarding at the time you’re writing. Is it fascinating enough to write down about? Look at the news; is an incident powerful enough for the main article? Search your area people and what’s been happening. Is it newsworthy? Once you’ve chosen your plan, correct analysis can cowl the bones of your story with several-meat and soul. simply gather info.

The Mean recent Structure:

Like alternative articles, the feature encompasses a basic structure. The shape depends on the fashion of your magazine varies however most feature articles have 3 acts, similar to a story or AN essay. It has a headline, AN introduction; forming united, then the main body and a conclusion. The structure is extremely vital once telling a story, particularly for a feature, it’s what holds the piece along clearly. Without structure, the article can crumble and therefore the readers can become confused and impartial.

Cheers to the Headline:

Probably one in all the vital tasks of writing a feature for a magazine is springing up with an efficient headline.This is a brief and easy line that grabs the scanner’s attention and convinces them to read the piece. A headline suggests that to spotlight the central plan of the article in a very catchy, clever way. The editor of the magazine forever has the ultimate say in what the headline says, although the author comes up with a variety of choices for the editor to settle on from.

Hello, Introduction:

Think of this as a preview to the remainder of your feature. It ‘introduces’ the concepts you are on the point of exploring and as a general rule, is regarding 100 percent of the general word count. The introduction attracts the reader in from the headline and provokes their interest by injecting an honest dose of intrigue and speculation. With the introduction, the reader makes an acutely aware call on what aspect of the story they believe or whether or not it’s fascinating enough to stay reading.

The introduction must be compelling enough that it’s seen at a publishable normal. Make the editor suppose it’s worthy; sell it to them so that they will sell it to the reader. Not solely will it produce the article’s tone it conjointly establishes a relationship between the reader and therefore the author.

Main Body Magnetism:

This is wherever all the main points of the United Nations agency, what, why and the way square measure discovered. It is the reason and therefore the proof. embody all of your facts, statistics, and quotes to support your argument. This is wherever all of your hard-earned work pays off by leading to a compelling and correct piece. Depending on the publication, some magazines need their writers to produce original pictures or pictures additionally.

The Finishing Touch:

A conclusion is that the final statement that brings along all of your concepts and proof.Conclusions got to be robust, compendious and stimulating, invitatory the reader’s opinio

The writer, the editor and therefore the publisher doesn’t need the oral communication to finish at the full-stop of the feature. The best feature articles encourage the continuation of the discussion on social media platforms, comment pages, and discussion forums.

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