iPhone Charging Mistakes You Make and How You Can Avoid Them

iPhone Charging Mistakes You Make and How You Can Avoid Them

iPhone Charging Mistakes You Make and How You Can Avoid Them

Phones are marketed to have a longer battery life than previous models. However, this falls short once you actually buy the phone. The battery life is not as lasting as the advertisements promised and there is little to nothing you can do except repeatedly charge your phone. Some practices that users adopt can actually worsen the battery life of their phones. 

Since your smartphone is a basic tool in everyday life, it can be an issue when the battery runs out and you can’t manage your daily logs and activities. Since most smartphones are equipped with non-removable batteries, this means there is even more limited capacity than you think. Your iPhone battery is no different than any other and most likely runs out faster each day. 

Here are some mistakes you make with your iPhone while charging and how you can stop making them. 

iPhone Charging Mistakes You Make and How You Can Avoid Them

Don’t Charge Your Phone Fully

Most people frequently do this. They charge their phone at night and leave it until the morning. After 8 or so hours of charging time the battery is at 100% and the assumption is that this will last all day long. This is a big mistake on your part because this has negative and long term effects. The memory effect of the battery is ruined. 

It is better to charge your phone briefly throughout the day instead of the overnight option. When you charge it to 100%, unplug it immediately. Continuation of charging after this will damage the battery and further reduce phone performance. Charging is stressful for your iPhone so make sure to give it some rest. 

Don’t Wait for the Battery to Reach Very Low Levels

Your iPhone does not need to be put on charge every time the battery hits 40%. Most people will charge their phone as soon as the battery is a little low but this is actually damaging. Adding to this, it is also not helpful to use your phone until it completely dries and then restarts it once it is plugged in. it is good to charge your iPhone when it hits 15% and then leave it be. Since most phones use Li-ion batteries, it is good to not drain them fully every day. Your battery will get stressed and stop performing at optimum levels. 

Don’t Use an Unofficial Charging Port

If you are on the hunt for a new charger and go to an unofficial store to find a deal then your phone is as good as dead. Online and at the dollar store you will no doubt come across many different companies selling charging ports for half the price Apple gives. While spending a few dollars seems like a good idea here, this will cost you in the long run. 

Buying a charger from an official Apple store is the only option you have if you want to save your battery. They might be more expensive but they will make sure your iPhone’s battery lasts, thus saving future costs. Most Samsung and iPhone rental companies will also keep official chargers to make sure your devices are safe. 

Don’t Use Cheap Charging Cables

It is better to use original and authentic cables to charge your iPhone. Cheap cables will most likely not be compatible with your phone and its processor. Using them for a long time will most likely fast charge it but will also drain the battery as a whole. Using thin and flimsy cables of poor quality will mess up other functions of your iPhone so it is good to replace them with high-quality ones. 

Don’t Leave the Case on While Charging 

The iPhone has advanced circulatory that is present to stop the lithium battery from overcharging. However, you need to take a look at your bad habits as well. Your phone’s casing needs to be off when your phone is charging to avoid it getting even more heated. The heat will cause a strain to be put on the battery so remove the case whenever you need to charge. 

Don’t Close All Apps

It is a common misconception that closing unused apps can preserve battery life. Manually closing all applications but double-tapping the home button to make your battery last longer is an old myth that does the opposite of what it says. Every time you reopen an app, your iPhone has to boot it from the start all over again. 

Don’t Put Near Heat

Heat is one of the main reasons why batteries die out so fast. Your iPhone has an optimum temperature that it needs to function at, around 70 degrees. If you leave it for too long in the sunlight or next to the heater while charging, it will ruin the battery completely

Don’t Use Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is a new rage now with iPhones and their latest models. Your battery’s life expectancy will not benefit from this so use wireless charging only sparingly. Constantly doing this will overheat your phone and damage its long term use. 

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