Is Instagram Acing the Social Media App Domain?

Is Instagram Acing the Social Media App Domain?

Is Instagram Acing the Social Media App Domain?

Social media is ingrained into our lives in such a way that every action we take is somehow connected to it.

When we visit a restaurant, posting stories of its ambiance and the perfect picture of it take precedence over eating the same.

Going shopping does not feel fulfilling until a picture of us holding the numerous shopping bags with the hashtag #retailtherapy isn’t post on social media. 

Something as personal as expecting a child has to be broadcasted on social media with the picture of the actual pregnancy stick that you just peed on. 

The advocates of social media and everything that it embodies are too many even to count, while opponents are far and few. 

What does this tell you about social media? I think it is the fact that social media has a more positive impact than anything else. Yes, everything has a darker and demeaning side, and it does too, but the darkness will never be able to overshadow the good it does.

As of now, there five major social media applications available to users. These are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Facebook is no doubt the queen of maximum users; however, Instagram has emerged as the frontrunner in terms of visibility and influence. 

Instagram has transcended the regular use of an app and has given a whole new meaning to the term. 

Let us find out how.

Encourages Connectivity 

Social media is all about staying connected and being virtually present in people’s lives when they cannot do so physically. 

Instagram follows the same principles. 

  • You can see what your friends and family are up to through their posts and stories.
  • You can chat with them through Direct Messages or DMs and even send audio notes, unlike Facebook, you do not need to install a separate app for the same.
  • You can make voice calls and video calls to hear your loved ones’ voices and see them on the screen.
  • You can go live on Instagram and enjoy the moment with your Instagram family rather than alone. 
  • You can also stay connected with the recent news and trends through Instagram’s Explore option.

If you are on Instagram, there is no chance in the world that you may lose touch with your friends and family and the trending topics.

Breaks Taboos

Instagram is also an app renowned for breaking the taboos of society and smashing them into pieces from which they cannot ever make a comeback.

The biggest one it has helped in liberating people from is the lean body image. 

People who have six-pack abs and are lean as a stick or have the perfect hourglass body are lucky. 

However, those who have weight problems, who are short, who do not have six-packs, and rather possess cellulite and stretch, are luckier. 

How can I say this? Instagram taught me that whatever kind of body I may have, I should learn to embrace it and be proud of it. 

Ashley Graham, the plus-sized influencer and model, taught me this.

Nabela Noor, a Bangladeshi-American with beautiful dark skin and natural pigmentation, taught me this.

Sadia Slay, an Instagram beauty influencer, taught me this when she posted a picture and of loose belly skin after her son was born.

Taboos are made by society and social media. Primarily Instagram breaks them when popular personality goes against the orthodox and shallow beliefs, and their followers follow in their footsteps.

Stimulates Financial Independence 

There are not many apps that will make you money. Luckily for you, Instagram is one of them. The income eminent Instagram personalities make can be enough to support all their financial needs. 

However, this depends on the number of followers you have. As your follower count will increase, you will start earning a heftier payback. 

This income comes from your engagement with your follower and the power of your influence. 

For instance, 

Kylie Jenner is a celebrity with almost 180 million followers; she earns a million US dollars for a single post because of that number. Brands will pay her, even more, to post a picture with their product. 

An influencer with a million followers or a few hundred thousand can also make a cheque that will pay for his or her utilities with ease.

The creative freedom you will get the cherry on the top.

Can you tell me any other application that can help you do be financially independent?

Unites People as One Community 

When a person is mistreated by the people who are supposed to protect him and ends up dying, 

  • people around him feel enraged,
  • his entire country feels enraged,
  • and every person on the planet feels enraged.

The Black Lives Matter Campaign has gained traction because of Social media and Instagram, amongst other platforms. 

It made us realise that at the end of it all, we are all one, and we can only make our world better by being united. 

I, being a British, have started using products of black-owned businesses more than any other, as hundreds and thousands of people have throughout the world. 

It happened because Instagram helped us to know what matters the most, equality. 

The social message would have faded if social media platforms hadn’t compelled us to stand united for our black population.

Winding Up 

To think that an app can do all of this and so much more is not only mind-boggling but also unreal. 

  • A mere application can bring a change in the society. 
  • A mere application has achieved the marvelous feat of financial and creative independence. 

So, when I asked you whether Instagram was acing it, it was supposedly a rhetorical question. You and I know that it is and will continue to do so, and its eminence will only grow to touch the sky.

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