Laminate flooring manufacturers in India

Laminate flooring manufacturers in India

Laminate flooring manufacturers in India

“I am a business owner in Noida.  I have just built a huge manufacturing building for my auto manufacturing operations.  However, I am confused as to which material I should use for my flooring.  I would appreciate some guidance!”  If you are in this situation, read this article for more insights into laminate flooring, which is increasingly becoming the flooring material of choice for many business and residential owners around the world, including in India!

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Are there any laminate flooring manufacturers in Delhi?

“Since you said that laminate flooring is becoming very popular for building and homeowners around the world and in India, I was wondering if there are any laminate flooring manufacturers in Delhi?”  The answer is, “Obviously, yes!”  Many Delhi-based manufacturers produce and sell quality laminate flooring made from a variety of materials which include durable American Walnut wood and Burma Teak wood.  You will most certainly be buying quality flooring from these manufacturers!

“What is the Laminate wood flooring cost in India?”

“Since I am based in Noida, I wonder what the laminate wood flooring cost in India is for this reason!”  Well, you may be pleased to learn that many Indian stores sell this type of flooring in the INR 140 to 560 per square foot.  This makes laminate wood flooring very affordable for the average industrialist, shopkeeper, and homeowner.  

“I wonder if a wooden flooring price list exists!”

“You mentioned that a price range exists for laminate wooden floors.  It is based on that information that I wonder if a wooden flooring price list exists?  I would love to know because I want to buy the best quality laminate flooring in India available at the lowest price possible!”  The answer to your question is, “Different stores have different price lists, therefore you should pick the store whose price list is extremely competitive!”  If you are strapped for time, you can go to online wholesaler directories to look for stores with the most competitive price lists.  These directories will list all of the information you want and need!

“What is the laminate flooring price per square foot?”

“I know that flooring materials are measured in price per square foot, therefore I would like to know what the laminate flooring price per square foot in India is!”  The answer is, “It depends!”  The factors which influence price are wood type, quality, and size.  If you visit India Mart’s website, you can find retailers selling laminate flooring for as low as INR 200 per square foot. 

You may be surprised to read that these retailers do sell quality laminate flooring despite the lower price tag.  For example, the retailers who sell laminate flooring for the amazingly low price of INR 200 sell products that are actually made out of high quality and durable wood.  This material is long-lasting and will not chip or crack easily!

“Are there any laminate flooring pros and cons?”

“What are laminate flooring pros and cons?  I know that it is an excellent flooring material because of its strength, thickness, resilience, and durability, but come on, it is not perfect!  Nothing in this world is..  It must have some cons, so what are they?” Well, you are right, laminate flooring is not perfect and may not be desirable in all instances.  Some flaws are listed below:

  • It is not as beautiful or elegant as its hardwood and ceramic tile flooring counterparts are
  • It can warp and/or stain as a result of being exposed to standing water because it is (after all) made out of wood
    • When this occurs, its value and utility to its owner are substantially reduced!
  • If you use a cheap laminate flooring, it may have a thin layer that can wear away and need to be replaced/repaired within ten years!

Laminate flooring may be the flooring of the future

Laminate flooring does have its flaws and drawbacks, but these are more than compensated by its advantages and overall utility.  This is why it is increasingly becoming the flooring of choice for manufacturers, business owners, and even homeowners.  If you use laminate flooring in your building, you will be glad you did! 

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