List of flower bouquets that can be used as a token of appreciation

flower bouquets

List of flower bouquets that can be used as a token of appreciation

Gifting flowers has always been the best way to communicate emotions for ages now. They express so many different feelings that whenever we feel out of words, we run to flowers for help. It was Turks who originally allotted special meaning to each one of them, and eventually, these meanings spread to the entire world. 

You must have heard endless times that flowers are appropriate for every occasion like weddings, birthdays, Valentine’s Day and funerals as well. But have you considered gifting flowers as a token of appreciation to your teachers? There ain’t any gift like flowers that say thank you any louder, but the question remains which flowers to opt for? Undoubtedly, there is no flower that a recipient will deny to accept, (because let’s be honest, flowers are beautiful). But there are flowers that say thankyou louder than others. 

Don’t you agree that a good teacher spare no efforts to make to learn new things every single day? After parents, they are the ones who form an integral part of grooming our mental and personality development. Though we might not realize it, we spend approximately the same amount of time with our teacher as we do with our parents. Even our ancient history suggests how important gurus or mentors were and people actually considered them no less than god. That is why there is a whole day dedicated to value their works and efforts. 

There are endless ways to celebrate teachers’ day, and flowers, somehow, manage to make their way in each one of them. All you have to do is order flowers bouquet online and present them as the token of your appreciation for their efforts. 

Let me help you decide which flowers to choose as each has a different meaning. 


flower bouquets

Talking about flowers, the list has to be opened with this gorgeous flower that manages its way into every list. No doubt that roses are a symbol of love but I am not saying to shoot red roses to your mentor. Thankfully rose flower comes in a variety of colors and each color depicts different meanings. So when it comes to showing your appreciation to your favorite teacher, shoot them with pink or yellow roses. You can play around with bouquet design and get them in an adorable wrap, adding some chrysanthemums to give a pretty look to the otherwise ordinary bouquet. 


flower bouquets

Here comes another all-rounder flower. Well, if you are looking for a versatile option to give your teachers and mentors, I would suggest carnations. This flower is really adorable and I can literally give you not one but three reasons why you should opt for these. To start with, carnations are affordable, that means, no need for extra money, your student allowance can easily afford a bouquet of carnations.

Secondly, they have a comparatively longer bouquet life, so you don’t have to see them wilting and dying on your teacher’s desk only after a few days. Lastly, like roses, carnations too, rock the market in so many different colors. So, according to the meaning of each color, decide what message you want to convey. Or ditch the meaning, just choose his or her favorite color.  


flower bouquets

Daisies can be another floral option when it comes to gifting it to your educators. You want to show them your appreciation without sending any wrong signals, then this is just the flower for you. But that doesn’t mean that rose or any other flower signifies romantic feelings, it’s just that daisies are a safer option.

Available in a number of colors like white, yellow and orange, you can even dye them into your favorite color. See, another reason to love daisies. Also, when it comes to affordability, daisies are completely affordable on a student’s budget and this flower really works well as a flower bouquet. 


List of flower bouquets that can be used as a token of appreciation

Here comes one exotic flower that you can call as universal love. Never in my life have I ever met a person who doesn’t like orchids. As it is an exotic flower, the price range can be a little higher compared to the above-mentioned flowers. So, if the budget is not an issue, you can opt for orchids. But, believe me, orchids fit best in the gifting department. 

So, these were some flower ideas that you can gift your mentors without getting too personal. Oh! And don’t forget to place a handwritten note for quoting how much you acknowledge their hard-core efforts to groom you. 

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