Live Example Of “A Stitch In Time Saves Nine” Proverb

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

Live Example Of “A Stitch In Time Saves Nine” Proverb

Do you invest in the stock market? Or, are you a football fan? What about Game of Thrones?

Let us take that as a yes. Then, you know what unpredictability is. You would know anxiety and imagination.

The Build Up.

Just trigger the imaginative and abstract part of your brain, and try to relate to the following situation:

You live in a rented apartment in London. You graduated last year from college and were lucky enough to get placed in a top-level company. You have a handsome salary and a great social group. You hang out with your friends every weekend. Visiting your family back in Winchester is an occasional affair for you.

The only debts you have are your student loan and monthly credit card bills. You have been saving each month to buy your own house. Following a monthly budget keeps you in check of your finances.

With everything going fine and nice, someone breaks into your apartment one day. The thief takes away your wallet, credit cards, laptop, and even your watch collection. The biggest loss you face is the official documents that were stored on your laptop.

You have a presentation to give, and the submission of the project is due. You reach your office and try explaining everything to your seniors. They eventually scold you for not having saved your progress on the cloud. Over a few days, situations escalate and you are let go from your workplace.

Two installments, rent, and utilities have to be paid for at the beginning of the next month, yet here you are without a job. You start looking for a new job immediately but interviews do not seem to fall into your lap so easily. The house savings are not to be touched at any cost, hence you decide on delaying your credit card bill.

You pay off all your bills using your credit card and let it incur interest over the month. What was initially decided to be extended for one month eventually got stretched to three? Now you have accumulated a credit card bill of three months and the regular utility bills (not to forget the rent). With no job in hand, you are stuck with your finances.

Delaying the credit card payments has depleted your credit score. So when you approached the bank to give you a loan, they said a clear no, quoting poor credit score and absence of stable income. The freelance work you began helps you to just get your groceries.

With such a deadlock situation, what do you do? How do you get out of your debt when the interest is just adding up on the side?

The Point.

You can, of course, go to your parents or friends to borrow money. But isn’t it likely that no one would lend you this amount of money?

The best course of action you can opt for right now is approaching a direct lender for help. Unsecured loans are your answer to all financial hardships that have piled up over the past months. Long term loans for bad credit and no guarantor are offered online and are usually processed within 24 hours of application.

The point is that if you had taken an online loan during the first month itself, your debt would not have piled up this much. You would not have needed to use your credit card to this extent and the induced interest would have been much lower. This is THE definition of getting a stitch in time to save nine later.

This online loan you take to manage your debt can be slowly paid back each month with small payments. Remember to not use your credit card till you get a job. Handle your finances well and avoid any unnecessary expenditure.

Loans for bad credit help you when all other sources close their doors. Even if you have no guarantor or are surviving on benefits, direct lenders have custom designed borrowing options ready at your disposal. They do not involve you in tedious documentation or make you wait for weeks to give you approval.

Try making wise and stable decisions when facing trouble in life. Your actions during the lowest points of your life go a long way with you.

Life keeps throwing lemons at you, and it is wise to act upon situation right when they start to go wrong. Delaying remedial actions just aggravates the situation and you are forced to work even harder to come out of it.

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