Medicinal Plants You Can Grow at Home

Medicinal Plants

It’s no secret that plant-based medicine has been around since the beginning of time, and it’s making a comeback. People have seen the damage that antibiotics can do, and we’re starting to try out more natural ways to get our bodies back to their healthiest state.

The thing is, sometimes it can be hard to get a hold of these remedies, or they cost more than they’re worth. Want a solution? Why not grow them at home? You’ll have a constant supply and won’t cost you anything apart from the initial start-up costs and a tiny bit of upkeep.

Read on to discover the best medicinal plants you can grow all by yourself from your own home to keep you and your family as healthy as can be!


This is a straightforward one that anyone can grow, and it doesn’t need too much care. It’s an excellent healer and is a herb that has been used for centuries. You can drink it in tea or even use it to make some tasty roast potatoes and chicken! It’s perfect if you’ve got a bit of sore throat.


We all know that a mug of chamomile before bed will help you get a good night’s rest. If you suffer from inadequate sleep, this is a great one to add to your home growing selection. It’s also great for anxiety, as is a natural relaxant.


You may think that basil is just an addition to your Italian meals, but it does have a medicinal side too and is very easy to grow. It’s perfect for those suffering from flatulence and can also help out if you have little appetite to bring it back.


With this herb being legalized around most of the US, why not grow it at home. That is if you’re allowed in your state. states that it grows well in an indoor environment, and it can help with a lot of health issues, including anxiety and depression, inflammation, and also with pain.


One of the most commonly grown herbs at home, parsley isn’t just to sprinkle over your dishes. It’s another great one for flatulence and also does an excellent job of combating bad breath, so you don’t need to keep stocking up on mints at the grocery store.


We love thyme as it goes great on a lot of dishes. It can grow all year round and is very easy to maintain. It’s perfect when you’ve got a cold and can also help with indigestion, which is a common condition these days.

St. John’s Wort

We’re sure you’ve heard of this herb, but you might not know what it’s used for. It gives a helping hand if you suffer from mild to moderate depression. It also looks pretty in your herb garden with its bright yellow flowers.

Lemon Balm

Most people love the smell and taste of mint, and lemon balm is part of the same family. It’s very versatile and can be made into a tea for a variety of issues including, anxiety, flatulence, and insomnia. You can also rub it onto wounds and insect bites for some instant relief.


This flower is another one that looks pretty and offers a remedy to headaches, which we all get sometimes. It can also do wonders for those who have arthritis.

Get Growing at Home Today

This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding what you can grow in your own home. Start with one or two to see how you go and to see what they can do for you. Before long, you’ll be expanding your collection of home herbs and will be helping everyone in the family out with their health issues

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