Neolith Worktops are they stronger than Quartz?

Neolith Outdoor worktops

The comparison between neolith vs quartz will give you a good idea about the two materials commonly used during the construction of commercial and residential properties. Neolith is a revolutionary compact surface that combines high performance with variable thicknesses. Similarly, it provides solutions for countertops and worktops, flooring, cladding, paneling and facades. On the other hand, quartz stones are specified by architects, interior designers, and retail kitchen designers as they are tough and durable with a surface that is non-porous, whilst also being scratch and stain resistant.

Neolith is highly resistant in the areas of UV light, staining, and heating. It is made of 100% natural materials and is cured at 2191 degrees Fahrenheit creating a heatproof surface with complete resistance to chemicals and UV fading. In contrast, quartz stone gets affected by UV rays. This means that whereas you can use Neolith worktops for both interiors and exteriors; quartz should only be used in interiors.

Quartz worktops are manufactured using a vacuum process where crushed quartz, polyester resin, and pigments are pressed into non-porous slabs. The mix is then cured at 200 degrees Fahrenheit and vibro-compressed to take any porosity out of the slab.

Neolith worktops

Neolith Outdoor worktops

Due to its unique innovative design and patterns, Neolith Calacatta is one of the most popular colors across Neolith collections. Neolith Calacatta stands out due to its authentic interpretation of Calacatta Marble. It differs with the natural marble in that it can be cleaned with a household detergent or soap. In addition, Neolith Calacatta worktops don’t require special products or sealants. Calacatta by Neolith starts in 3mm thicknesses for walls and it is also available in 12mm and 20mm for kitchen worktops.

Neolith Calacatta with marble-effect and Neolith La Boehme with wood-effect

Going back to quartz. Quartz stone is not combustible and is considered a fire-resistant material. Quartz is an extremely strong and durable kitchen or bathroom countertop option. Quartz worktops are available in several finishes: a polished surface with light reflecting gloss and silky quality or a honed surface with a matte look and satin feel. Additionally, you can apply quartz with Volcano finish, Raw finish, Concrete finish and as many different details and finishes as your imagination allow.

Silestone Classic Calacatta Quartz Worktops in a traditional kitchen

These properties of quartz make it unique, whilst offering your kitchen the natural stone look, without the maintenance hassles.

When it comes to Neolith, it is an ultra-compact surface and is widely used in the construction industry. Neolith possesses many extraordinary properties and is highly resistant to heat, stains, and scratches.

Neolith can withstand up to 300 Celsius degrees of heat, meaning that you would be able to drag most pans and pots from the cooker and over onto its surface. Comparatively, most quartz stones, depending on the content of resin that a given brand may have, take up to 170 Celsius degrees of heat, which is why most stone suppliers stress that you should not place very hot objects on its surface. Further to this comparison, it is recommended to use a trivet to place hot items on either material or any other worktop for the same matter.

Neolith is impermeable, which makes it hygienic and easy to clean. The company offers a huge range of different finishes and an array of colors that give richness and value to the designs created with those surfaces. Neolith porcelain surfaces give you the liberty to choose a design that matches your individual needs and sensibilities. With an extensive range of colors and finishes,

Quartz worktops are unbeatable when it comes to strength, quality, durability, hygiene and appearance. The top-quality quartz worktops such as Caesarstone, Silestone, Compac and CRL Quartz and Technistone are manufactured with over than 90% natural quartz, an extremely hard and durable natural silicate material. Due to its hard wearing and stain resistant properties, quartz is widely used in kitchen worktops. Along with ease of maintenance, quartz worktops provide a sophisticated look and feel to the kitchen.

Caesarstone Empira White worktops, splashbacks and kitchen island

Neolith is unique in its design and properties and only fabricators with the latest technology and equipment can fabricate it properly. Neolith is part of a revolutionary new concept called Ultra Sintered Technology. The stone is a high performance, compact surface in a large format that will avoid having to place most joints on worktops and counters due to its standard usable sizes.

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