How to set up brother printer HL-2270DW

set up brother printer HL-2270DW

How to set up brother printer HL-2270DW

If you have got been following our reviews on Wi-Fi routers. you recognize that one constant has been our inability to urge our brother printer HL-2270DW electrostatic printer to affix the network when we tend to modify to the new router. ab initio we tend to thought the matter was with the router however when having it happen multiple times we tend to concede that the matter should make love the printer.

brother printer HL-2270DW Wireless Issue

Brother-HL-2270DW-laser-printer after performing some further troubleshooting and analysis, we tend to determine that this issue applies, not solely to the brother printer HL-2270DW however to all or any of the similar vogue brother printer optical device Printers during this series.

These printers don’t have any reasonably integral electrical device or show therefore there’s no approach for the user to move with the settings. Even the initial set-up needs the utilization of an online based mostly administration panel which “hard codes” the assigned IP address to the printer’s network interface card (“NIC”). As a result, once we modified the router, the printer’s NIC wasn’t ready to settle for the new IP address assigned to that support you.

You may recall that we tend to ab initio used associate landing field Extreme Base Station (read our review here) as our router, that by default, set associate IP to vary of Moving from associate landing field n router to associate landing field ac router was a straightforward switch as a result of they each use identical IP vary, therefore the printer was ready to get its antecedently assigned address. All of the opposite routers set associate IP to vary of that the printer might ne’er hook up with. That additionally explains why the printer instantly began to work once more once we came to our landing field Extreme router to the network.

It wouldn’t be truthful to mention that there’s one thing wrong with the printer. though currently an interrupted model, we’ve closely-held this printer for many years and it’s been a workhorse, pumping out thousands of pages while not most as a paper jam. Updated models with the same style area unit obtainable for under a bit quite $100.00 and that we wouldn’t deliberate regarding obtaining another one if and once this one finally reaches the tip of its helpful life.

We additionally acknowledge that it’s doable (and might folks do), amendment the DHCP settings on their landing field routers to the additional common vary once they established their networks and that we suspect, had we tend to done that originally, we’d not have run into this issue the least bit. That said, notwithstanding the IP vary of your router, you’ll to knowledge to assemble your printer on your network.


brother printer

brother printer HL-2270DW Setup directions

Although the brother printer HL-2270DW documentation and computer lists multiple ways that to assemble the printer for wireless access, and even provides a code “wizard”, we tend to found the sole palmy thanks to getting the printer online was to use their internet based mostly administration page, and even that needs multiple steps.

You can actually notice these directions on the brother printer computer however we tend to found that they bounce you around to multiple pages and it gets laborious to follow. therefore we tend to set to drag everything along during this one set of directions, within the order you wish them, to save lots of you a number of the pain we tend to practice.

As you’ll see below, so as to finish this method, you’ll connect the printer to your router via associate coax cable. In our case, the printer and router were in fully totally different areas that needed the USA to physically bring the printer to the router. If you are doing not have an energetic local area network association at the printer’s location, you’ll do identical.

Before you start the particular method, gather these settings for your wireless network:

If your printer was antecedently put in, we tend to suggest uninstalling the printer from your waterproof by doing the subsequent.

Select “Print & Scan” within the Hardware section of System Preferences. a listing of printers with drivers put in on your pc seems on the left aspect of the Print & Scan window.

Click the printer you wish to get rid of from the pc to focus on it.

Click the “-” button below the list of printers to get rid of the printer info from the list.

With the printer removed, you’re currently able to assemble your brother printer.


All network settings, like watchword and IP address, are going to be improved to the manufacturing plant default settings.

  • Power the machine off.
  • Then click on the go option and then click on the power machine on
  • Keep pressing GO till the Toner, Drum, and Error LEDs area unit on. The prepared junction rectifier is going to be off.
  • Then you need to go option
  • All LEDs are going to be off.
  • Press GO sixfold. Your machine’s network card is going to be reset.


Make a brief reference to associate coax cable

On the rear of the brother printer machine, take away the protecting cap from the local area network port.

  • Connect the associate coax cable from your router to the local area network port on the rear of your brother printer machine.
  • Wait a few minutes and so print the Network Configuration report back to verify that your
  • brother printer machine has a non inheritable associate IP address. To print the Network
  • Configuration report, press the GO button 3 times among 2 seconds.
  • The Printer Settings report can currently print which incorporates the Network Configuration.

STEP 3 – assemble THE WIRELESS CARD within the PRINTER

  • Open an online browser on your pc.
  • Type the IP Address of the brother printer machine Printer Settings report into the online browser address line and press ENTER. The brother printer internet Management screen can seem.
  • Click the Network Configuration on the highest menu.
  • Type the User name and watchword and so click OK.
  • User name: admin
  • Password: access
  • Click assemble Wireless.
  • Then choose the communication mode option
  • Go to the browse option and then click on ssid network
  • Choose your network name from the Name (SSID) list and so click OK.
  • Choose your Authentication methodology.
  • Choose your cryptography methodology.
  • Enter the Network Key or Passphrase and so click Submit at very cheap.
  • Disconnect the coax cable from the brother printer machine.
  • Wait a few minutes and so print the Network Configuration report back to verify that your brother printer machine has non inheritable a legitimate IP address from your router.

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the associate invalid IP address would be all zeroes, associate APIPA address (169.254.x.x) on associate Infrastructure network, or associate address among associate incorrect vary for your network.


The brother printer HL-2270DW wireless printer, furthermore as many alternative similar printers from brother printer needs an additional level of labor to urge it connected to your network and whereas it’s going to appear difficult, you’ll notice that when doing it once or double, it very isn’t terribly laborious the least bit.

We additionally suppose that this complete method could be a tiny worth to pay after you take into account the responsibility and worth we’ve gotten from this printer. detain mind that we tend to create this drawback as a result of we tend to unbroken swapping out the router in our network. Had we tend to not be victimization associate Apple router within the starting, or if we tend to had modified the IP vary of the router to the additional common range, this could ne’er are required. we’ve been victimization this brother printer support for years with no problems. So whenever you need our help on your printer then you can get help through our team

That said, having these directions obtainable can prevent heaps of your time and frustration in managing this, or similar vogue brother printer printers.

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