The 3 Important Attic Insulation Types

The 3 Important Attic Insulation Types 1

The 3 Important Attic Insulation Types

Most folks don’t understand this, but attic insulation is an extremely effective technique to dramatically cut your energy bills. Preserving energy is a highly spicy and argued subject matter in our present days, both amongst the masses and in the mass media. Attic insulation is both extremely effective and inexpensive, especially if you cannot afford expensive eco-friendly appliances.

So, let us start out with a fundamental Physics laws: hot air always rises above cold air. This is the reason why if you don’t have attic insulation set up; the hot air will rise from the room and get right away outside through the roof. And this is exactly the purpose of attic insulation. It will keep the hot air from leaking out and it will actually reduce the time during which your furnace functions.

Possibly the most common attic insulation type is fiberglass batt insulation. This insulation type is frequently the thing that most people envision in their minds when thinking about attic insulation. Fiberglass batts are in fact long strips which can be colored in hues of pink or yellow. In addition to the fact that this particular insulation type is extremely easy to install, fiberglass batts can deliver varied R-values, a thing that presents with an added advantage, because you have to customize your R-value taking the advisable value of your area into consideration. You can either decide to incorporate a vapor barrier or not.

rolls of insulation partially installed in a loft space.

A different but also very popular choice is cellulose attic insulation. It possesses a fundamental advantage over the fiberglass batts, the fact that it is way more affordable. Even so, there’s a catch to it: regular people can not apply this insulation themselves, and professional service is frequently needed. This fact will slightly increase the price of installing it. Cellulose is a loose material which gets blown in the attic, covering up even the smallest opening or gap. The perfect installation is a homogenous blanket. In addition to everything, if you care for the environment, this is a very environment friendly solution, for cellulose is actually manufactured from reprocessed newspapers.

Lastly, let’s not forget about spray foam insulation. This specific insulation type was commonly utilized in commercial applications; still it has nowadays become significantly more popular than it used to be. It is a material that expands, and it becomes several times more voluminous in its dilated state. This lets it cover every little crack and to create a really effective insulation. It delivers a broad interval of R-values, making it especially practical in colder climates. Spray foam is also a type of insulation that involves professional installation, because very specialized tools are necessary in the process.

Now, how effective can attic insulation really be in reducing your energy bills? Honestly, it can be extremely effective, and you will really be amazed to discover the fact that you might fork out as high as 30% less for your energy bills! All you need to do is contact a professional who will examine your attic and will let you know exactly what insulation type is best for your house.

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