The Age of AL in Digital Marketing

The Age of AL in Digital Marketing

                             The Age of AL in Digital Marketing

Digital marketers are people of the ilk who understand artificial intelligence to be associated with the Rank Brain algorithm.

What is Rank Brain? You might ask. Rank Brain is a machine learning system introduced by Google in 2015 that has the ability to answer questions posed by users. It uses artificial intelligence to interpret and answer user queries just like a human being.

To understand this better, let’s take an example. If you search ‘Varun Dhawan height’ on Google, it will give you a direct answer. Also, it will give you a set of questions that are similar to the question posed. This correct answer and set of questions close to it are all generated through Artificial Intelligence.

For the layman, it might be confusing to come to terms with Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning. But for a competent digital marketing consultant in Gurgaon, these terms are very familiar. Let us begin with a brief introduction to these terms before we move further.

  The Age of AL in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence– It is a branch of computer science that involves designing machines that are able to perceive and respond like humans. These computers have highly developed cognitive abilities and are able to perform complex functions that are usually the domain of humans.

Machine Learning- Machine learning is a category of Artificial Intelligence that deals with making machines that can learn from experience and evolve on their own. Basically, these machines are self-learning systems that do not require external programming after being set.

Deep Learning Deep learning, in turn, is a highly specialised subcategory of machine learning that uses a huge database of algorithms to decode the working of the human brain and developing machines that can mimic human intelligence.

Google uses machine learning and deep learning to mimic human responses and keeps evolving its techniques on its own without any constant programming being done externally.

Another key development that has occurred in the digital market is the shift from text to voice commands. Google has revealed that about 20% of its searches are now voice based.

Artificial Intelligence, when used in the correct way, can be a great way to boost your brand’s popularity and up your digital marketing game.

One of the numerous benefits of using artificial intelligence is the assistance received by the company in analysing and predicting consumer behaviour through complex algorithms and statistics. These statistics help in identifying potential consumers and the most probable rate of conversion of the consumer. It studies consumer characteristics to predict consumer behaviours.

These tools collect large amounts of data based on customer behaviour and glean impactful insights regarding buying trends and purchase patterns.

Firstly, the AI software will recognise the business objectives of the brand and then examine the patterns corresponding to your business goals from the available data pool. Based on this information, the software will design a model to suit your business needs. It will then apply the decided model to the business strategies and keep on evolving the model to fit the needs of the business and generate higher outcomes.

As more and more users are ditching computers in favour of portable, pocket-friendly mobile phones, web pages optimised for phones have become a necessity. Google’s AMP pages that were launched in 2015 offer a lighter version of webpages so as to increase ease of use on mobile phones and shorten the loading time of pages. Shorter loading times are a very effective way to improve the overall user experience of your consumers making them more favourably disposed to buy your products.

Artificial Intelligence is also behind the very popular chatbots that are now being used by businesses to interact with customers via instant messaging. Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence are bots that are designed to chat through text with customers. Chatbots are usually fed with the most frequently asked questions about the products and services of a brand and it customised the answers based on questions posed by users to reply in real time. These chatbots will give your website an edge over your competition by improving user experience by a great margin.

Chatbots are ideal to be used for interacting with consumers as they are available 24×7 for virtual assistance of customers. They can also retain huge amounts of data provided by customers and retrieve it for further use if the requirement arises. Unlike humans, chatbots are unlikely to lose their cool and misbehave with potential customers in the face of any kind of provocation. They are being used to design customised advertisements to target users which can be a great way to increase sales.

Chatbots can even help you restructure your marketing strategies and drive more business to your site by analysing purchasing patterns of consumers and coming up with detailed plans about how to convert potential leads in places you did not know of.

If you are based in Gurgaon and thinking of upgrading your digital marketing strategy, then you are in luck as there are many qualified digital marketing consultants in Gurgaon who can help you maximise sales by employing Artificial Intelligence as an active marketing strategy personalised to your brand’s particular requirements.


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