The Good the bad and the ugly

The Good, bad and the ugly

Each year comes with full of surprises that no one has ever expected. Each month, day’s holds filled with our happy, sad, lovable moments that we remember throughout the year without any regret. Some moments make us laugh, even though how much fun those moments are. Apart from remembering our own memories of the year, do we ever remember what happened in the world whole year? We all are indulged with social media forums such as Instagram, twitter, Facebook, etc. these are the strongest means of communication through which not just people get a chance to know each other but also get some well information regarding what’s happening in the world.

We are aware of all kinds of trends taking place each day or say a month, there are some real issues happens each year that we miss or don’t take any sort of interest in it. on social media there has been lots of news, events happened which comes under three categories: the good, the bad and the ugly. Each of these sections cover news or moments according to its terminology. Some of you might have remember lots of moments which are going to be discussed, but still when we are talking about world there are some unbelievable things happened that no one is aware of it. From political to entertainment what happened in this year are going to be discussed.

The Good:

When we are talking about good things, its in human nature people remember very few good things which needs to be remembered. While talking about the world, good thing happened is the #Metoo movement, which stated few years back but this year it happened in Colorado which jeopardized the Colorado assembly Rep. Steve Lebsock has been expelled after five women accused him for harassing him during working hours intentionally. In Pakistan 2018 elections, PTI won with the unreachable margin and Imran Khan became the Prime Minister. The day he became, he changed the whole system, lower the prices of dollar and raised rupees. Plus he also opened the kartarpur the border of Sikh community which was highly appreciated through the both the nation. According to a Gallup report, 51% of Pakistanis are satisfied with Imran Khan’s performance.

Apart from political, some of the celebrities been tied up with the wedding bell that created huge headlines on the front newspaper. At the end of this year, Manchester united manager Jose Mourniho has been sacked after losing against Liverpool, United fans got a chance to believe again that they can comeback. Again another big good thing happened in India, LGBT sanction which was previously denied but this year later on it has been passed and which gives the liberty to all the LGBT community to be with whomever they want.

The Bad:

Now bad things, in bad stuff list can get too long, but will keep it short. First the continuous brutal violence against Kashmiri citizens by Barbarian Indian forces. A murder of Saudi journalist happened this year which roar throughout American and Saudi Arabia. Mark Zuckerberg the so called owner of the leading social media forum in the world has to face some serious allegations of leaking user’s personal data.

The Ugly:

In ugly things get messy, people don’t realize what they are doing. Like recently in India after being disappeared from Film Industry, tanushree dutta became with the big allegation on the well-known Bollywood actor Nana Patekar that he has sexually abused me. And started a campaign with the name of Metoo, along with that some of the other female celebs came out and confessed their stories as well. The ugly thing about it, they said with no evidence, not a single person presented an evidence which proofs that they have been harassed.

So 2018 has been the good, bad and ugly above are the most famous events happened although there were others as well. Hope of having more good deeds rather than bad and ugly in 2019. We will keep updating all the important events of 2019 here at StreetBuzz, your ultimate source of news and entertainment.  

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