The latest fitness trends that every fitness lover must know

The latest fitness trends that every fitness lover must know

The latest fitness trends that every fitness lover must know

The latest fitness trends that every fitness lover must know Everyone likes to be physically fit, mentally healthy and attractive. The year 2014 saw the exercising world getting heavily influenced by the wonders of science and technology. best treadmills in india, nowadays, has a touch of technology in it. A few technologically powered fitness trends that have to be followed while exercising are mentioned below. Continue reading to know more…

Muscle tracking

To date, the key way to measure muscle activity and strength was via a specialized test. According to the test, trained professional has to strike the electrodes that monitor electrical signals sent by the muscles to the skin. Nevertheless, after research and development, a Silicon Valley company has derived a new way to introduce those electrodes – without adhesives – into stylish garments. These stylish gym garments having electrodes can also track breathing and heart rates.

Several gym garments – such as training shorts and shirts – can easily highlight bad posture, over/under exerted muscles of the body, imbalances, etc.

Commuting through biking becomes a trend

Technology, infrastructure and cycling fashion are going to converge in the latter half of 2014. Two leading cycle makers plan to sell smartphone-enabled bike wheels (rear) in 2014. The design of these rear wheels lets them to be electric rigs, thus, making commuting easier than ever. More and more attempts are made all over the world to create an infrastructure for promoting cycling. Cycle sharing is a trend that is spreading like a wildfire in both developed and developing countries.

Bodyweight training

Obstacle racing has helped in ushering return to go-anywhere, minimalist type of bodyweight training. More than 3,000 professionals have predicted the rising trend of bodyweight training. The reason for a high demand of bodyweight training is – it uses minimal equipment and is affordable. It is more than working with those good ole dumbbells; it actually takes the trainer to the basic levels of fitness.

Having smart helmets

A 15-year research undertaken by a Swedish company has helped in changing the way helmets are seen today. The Swedish company has introduced new technology that will be present within the helmet. The helmet helps reduce the force of the impact by 40 percent whenever head strikes something at an angle of 45 degrees. The real magic of technology lies within a layer (having low-friction material) that is sandwiched between inner and outer shells of the helmet.

Personalized TENS machine

Commonly found in many physical therapy centers, the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machine now can be owned by general people. The machine sends small electrical pulses to the body via a series of electrodes placed over the skin. These signals help in preventing pain signals to reach the brain. The TENS machinery is also said to lower inflammation and improve the overall blood circulation throughout the body.

Workout happy hours

The trend with many leading fitness centers is to make workout hours happy and stress free. That is, while entering a gym, people should not think of burning themselves out at an elliptical machine. Rather, the thoughts must be of all the goodies that people will get after successfully completing a training session. Many leading gyms offer post-workout drinks, raffle, food, etc. to people once they complete a grueling training session.

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