Top 10 Trends of Android Application Development for 2019

Top 10 Trends of Android Application Development for 2019

Top 10 Trends of Android Application Development for 2019

There will be an increase in working for Android first – this trend has been moving a bit and will proceed in 2019. Google is enhancing fragmentation and security, and the piece of the overall industry of Android keeps on developing, particularly universally.

According to a late study done by Survey Monkey, worldwide incomes from mobile applications are expected to develop by a stunning 962.5% somewhere around 2011 and 2019. It is evaluated that because of support of existing and new market to utilization levels of applications, mobile application will be a $ 100 billion USD industry before the end of 2020. Given the quick progression of technologies constant advancement, 2019 will spring new amazes in custom mobile application improvement space.

Android is unquestionably a top platform with regards to mobile application development. As per one review, Android’s share of cell phone will achieve 80% by 2019. In this way, it gets to be distinctly vital for each business to watch out for changing trends in Android application development keeping in mind the end goal to give purchasers quality mobile user experience. As indicated by my view, given trends will administer android application development in forthcoming year.

  • Augmented reality + GPS
  • Enterprise android app development
  • Increased focus on UX
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Emphasis on security

In the event that you appreciate utilizing the android applications and willing to get designed one for yourself, then you have to take in the most recent trends of the market.

All the android apps by and large have  location sensing services, helping users to continue updating its most recent location he or she been to.

Cloud-based administrations where the assets are shared normally in a gathering, letting an opportunity to get to the information effectively by all.

Advertising is additionally another most recent trend where organizations or brands can promote themselves.

After research here we bring you a top level summary of few trends in android application development that are likely to rule the era of mobile application development in 2019.

Android-first is getting genuine

On account of improved designer rules, distributing limitations, brand new operating system and focus on security, Android is currently organized by about half of expert sellers. Smartphone  deals proceed to develop, and it’s the developing markets (counting India and Latin American nations) that increase Android’s market of the overall industry. By 2020, Google Play is relied upon to outpace the App Store both as far as application downloads and incomes. On the off chance that you think about  launching a mobile app next year, going Android-first certainly bodes well. This is one of the latest trend in android technology.

Android as an IOT platform – IoT Based Mobile Applications Will Gain More Attention

An IoT based platform to build your control over your home appliances and It gives you a total future involvement with its intelligent components. The Product is presented in market as of late yet will have many updates in 2019. Android Mobile gadgets are getting increasingly progressed with the new inserted sensors for various operations and mobile application will use this energy to make this technology more versatile to the masses.

More security in Android Apps

The quantity of security attacks is becoming together with the mobile application industry advancement. So such feature like two-element client confirmation, which is now being used for mobile banking, is genuinely regular. The in-built security includes in both Android and Apple mobiles will become more grounded. Application developers likewise should actualize more grounded information encryption in new applications. Android platform security will likewise meet a few changes. Google is as of now keeping things more tightly by utilizing a significantly more granular application authorizations model and programmed security updates on the new Android variants. So to finish up, I can include that application security is relied upon to be comfortable main focus for application producers.

Mobile messaging applications are assembling more popularity

In spite of the wide choice of messaging apps accessible at both Apple App Store and Google PlayStore, cell phone users still take part in setting up new ones. To analyze, Facebook Messenger is still a standout amongst the most prominent applications in the US, and WeChat now has more than 500 million users. So in 2019 we expect more talk/chat applications with interesting arrangement of functionalities to be launched at the stores.

Android’s New Competitive Advantage For 2019: Instant Apps

Designers would have the capacity to utilize the standard Google Play Services like location, payments and so forth inside the instant application. The app UI will be naturally adjusted for various Android gadgets.

Instant applications, be that as it may, are not separate applications. They have a similar source code, APIs, and usefulness as your current Android app. Their fundamental feature is to modular your application and play just parts of it as required.

Developing for Android definitely gets all the more energizing for this situation. Concerning now, this technology is as yet being tried.

Utilizing applications to encourage mobile payments

Google Wallet has effectively given a major support to NFC-powered contactless payments by users. As indicated by estimates, before the end of 2019 more custom programming will empower retailers do mobile payments in a provoke and secure way. Along these lines, it is normal that mobile transactions will make up almost half of all web-based transactions.

Designing UX with accessibility in mind

Here comes another IoT-related trend. The Internet of Things solutions can change the lives of individuals with unique requirements to improve things. More than 18 million US citizens have some sort of inability – and 54% of these individuals utilize a cell phone. In 2019 developers should modify their current UI/UX design standards by creating mixed-ability use scenario and presenting new control capacities.

Wearable App

In 2019 the mobile applications will upgrade the user experience in a more creative way. Wearable apps, it drives the part technology development, in present period wearable are forming the universe of technology, particularly in advanced cells with energizing features. Wearable gadgets has picked up a great popularity in recent years and this is going to be continued. The top of the line costly Google Glass, wearable headsets and wellness gadget which speaks with web with voice orders are best cases of innovative wearable gadgets that will work in conjunction with the Android apps.

Concentrate on Android Apps security

As per a study led by TransUnion’s Cyber Security, more than 75 million cell phone users concede that while they fear cyber attacks, and 75% are Android users. They have not set a secret key for their mobiles. Such a straightforward and essential security check is overlooked. Rather than keeping on being shocked by results this way, Android application developers will see a considerable measure of advantage from searching for approaches to meet the expanded requirement for security through their Android apps.

Android Wearable’s will rise

In coming year, this trend will grow and different Android App Development companies will take a stab at something new in various fields. Along these lines, 2019 will bring stunning Android gadgets which will surely leave people stunned.


The most recent couple of years have decided the need for utilizing an Android mobile application as a part of a substantial number of businesses – farming, manufacturing, automobile, transportation, and healthcare. All in all, 2019 will be an extraordinary year for Android mobile app developers – the capacity to adjust, examine and improve is an unquestionable requirement have for up-to-date mode experts.

In the event that you have an idea for an application that will be created one year from now, so begin at this moment to get the outcome. Any mobile app project needs time to create to be justified regardless of its arrangement. Trust you loved the most recent trends in android technology.

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